Theater Classes & Programs in Rockland County, NY

Theater Classes & Programs in Rockland County, NY


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UPDATED September 2017: Enroll your child in theater classes in Rockland County. There are tons of performing arts venues in Rockland County that provide creative opportunities for kids. Give your budding Shakespeare theater classes and find the best local theater programs in Rockland County.
25 W. Central Ave., Pearl River
845-920-1555; 201-362-4948

APPLAUSE is an educational theater organization specializing in musical theater classes and shows for children ages 3-18, beginners-advanced. APPLAUSE offers classes in all three artistic disciplines: acting, singing, and dancing. Ms. Renna provides a unique opportunity for kids to perform in shows, creating special parts for each child. Your child will develop self-confidence and self-esteem in the supportive environment. APPLAUSE provides programs and performances year-round, so call or email for current programs and show information. You can also join our exciting APPLAUSE Company, which performs at Hershey Park, festivals, and special events.

8 Second St., Lower Level, New City

Clarkstown Theatre Company began in our community to create and develop artists as actors and performers. We are a year-round studio that offers acting classes, musical theater workshops, and intimate, original showpieces. Join us where the craft of theater is experienced in a warm and positive environment with professional instructors. Give us a call to see if your child might flourish in our studios, where imagination, and the craft of acting are taught with a sense of humor! Registration for our fall classes begins August 21, 2017.

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