Meet the Editor: Lisa Chung


Lisa Chung, Associate Editor


Lisa Chung

My mom and me (about age 4) at our neighborhood
in Chicago. I think we look alike.

When I was younger, I remember my adult relatives always noticed two things about me: my left-handedness and my resemblance to my dad. Being left-handed was a bigger deal than being right-handed because historically in my culture, kids who were left-handed were forced to learn to use their right hand—something about left-handedness being the "wrong way" (see: my dad who is now ambidextrous!).

I never quite understood what people saw when they said I looked like my dad. His skin tone is golden, I’m pale. He has high cheekbones, a sharp nose, and a very defined jaw. I had (have?) a round face. I always thought I looked more like my mom. And good thing I thought that.

You see, my parents and my older brother share the same Chinese zodiac sign; they are all boars. I am the lone rabbit. Growing up, when my brother got upset with me for whatever it is that little sisters do to bug their older siblings, he'd tell me I didn't belong in the boar family and that I should go live with our grandma because she's a rabbit too.

Lisa Chung

My brother and me at my
graduation from Illinois.

Though he'd say mean things, I just knew he was never really serious. In kindergarten, I accidentally spilled my entire carton of chocolate milk mere seconds after the "scary" teacher asked us to not make a mess. I bawled the kind of cry that ends in hyperventilating. It was my older brother who, from a neighboring classroom, came to assure me that the teacher wasn't going to eat me alive.

As we both get older, I realize how important his trust in my abilities is to me. Through trusting me, he gives me confidence in my own abilities—confidence that has brought me from my hometown in a little ‘burb of Chicago to Manhattan. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s in journalism, I worked in Chicago at an internet media company, researching, writing, project managing, etc., before I decided to make the big move to New York. And now here I am at NYMetroParents where I started as an assistant editor one year ago and worked my way up to associate editor.

I enjoy researching parent blogs and reading up on the latest parenting trends because it gives me a peek into what’s potentially in store for me—even if it is in my way, way future. Though marriage and motherhood are faraway, I'm glad to know that my family continues to show me how to be a kind, considerate person—lessons I sure hope I can teach my future kids as well as my parents have done for my brother and me.


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