On The Blogroll: Storybook Days

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Blogging from: Westchester County, NY

While Adrian Forman is first and foremost a mother of two boys, she is also a devoted "Japanophile," if you will, and she tells us all about it on her blog, Storybook Days.  Perhaps unusual for a girl who grew up in Texas, Forman’s love of Japan began early: As a child, she was inspired by her father’s stories of Tokyo during the Korean War and how he fell in love with the Japanese people and culture.

In college, Forman studied Japanese for three years, and was determined to go to Japan to teach English. However, her plans changed when she met her husband, Frank, and she decided that marriage was a higher priority than living abroad. But, she still had a longing to go to Japan and in 2012, Frank's job gave the family the opportunity to live in Tokyo for a while. Of course, Forman could not resist!

Storybook Days documents her family’s escapades while living in Tokyo. Her tag line, “Two weeks in Japan is a vacation. Two months is an adventure,” gives a taste of Forman’s bold adventurousness in taking her family to a foreign country and exploring their new surroundings. One section of Storybook Days, “A Day in the Life,” chronicles her daily experiences and all of the fun experiences she and her husband have with their two boys. Despite the fact that she loves everything about Japan, Forman and her family get a little homesick for the States once in a while and she writes about how they cope with that. Sometimes, the easy fix is going to a baseball game, a family favorite, and sometimes, it’s a trip to Tokyo Disneyland.

Forman clearly has a passion for Japanese cuisine. Often, she writes about her experiences at certain restaurants, amazing discoveries of new food, cooking classes, etc. She also posts plenty of pictures, and there is evidence that her kids have the same adventurous spirit that she does as there are many photos of them eating (and enjoying!) exotic foods that you just can’t get here.

Storybook Days also includes the section, “Editor’s Delight,” in which Forman posts pictures of funny English signs she comes across in Japan, and you won’t want to miss it. Forman keeps up with the latest trends from Japan in her section, “Big in Japan,” which she describes as “A completely biased, unscientific and entirely oversimplified list of what seems to be big in Japan (or at least Tokyo).” Nonetheless, it is a fascinating look into Japanese culture.  

All in all, Forman’s posts are funny, intriguing, and helpful when considering taking your kids overseas. Melanie Shapiro