WIN a Halloween Party Guide by Fiona Hammond


"Halloween: Tricks & Treats & Other Nifty Stuff" by Fiona Hammond is an all-in-one guide to throwing a Halloween bash that includes materials for spooky party games, two dozen recipes, and decoration ideas and instructions.


Halloween book by Fiona HammondA new book out this year, Halloween: Tricks & Treats & Other Nifty Stuff by Fiona Hammond ($8.99), presents tons of game ideas, food ideas, and decorations to help you throw a fun and just-spooky-enough Halloween party.

Both kids and adults will get into a festive spirit with this color illustrated book that includes a stencil card and foil stickers for spooky party games, two dozen appetizing recipes for party foods and novelties (think spider-web pumpkin soup, chocolate tombstones, and Frankestein fizz), and a giant Halloween pull-out poster for playing Pin the Nose on the Jack-o'-Lantern.



Win one of 5 Halloween prize packages that includes a copy of Hammond's new book, Wikki Stix Trick or Treat Paks, and a Fun Bites food shaper kit.



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