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Judy Antell Articles

Biker Oasis

One of the pleasures of Fire Island is the car-free bike riding. But you don’t have to schlep all t

Posing Play

Many kids’ yoga classes incorporate games. Long Island-based Katie Feldman has gone a few steps furt

Rocky Mountain Highs

Denver has the perfect blend of culture and the outdoors, in a setting that promises sunny days and

Brooklyn Wildllife

Wolves are rarely encountered on the streets of Brooklyn, but DUMBO resident John Rocco feels an aff

Life After School

Many parents enroll their children in afterschool programs, whether they work outside or inside the

Boost Your Kid!

Even 8-year-olds should be in booster seats in the car, safety experts urge.

Psychedelic Summer

It was a time of peace and love, flower power, feel-good drugs — and the end of an era. If you misse

Last-Minute Mom

You may be reading this issue in 90-degree heat, or at the pool, and you’re thinking, “Back to sch

Hands-on D.C.

One trip is never enough to see all that our nation’s capital has to offer families. Here are some m

Soaring in the City

If, like Toby Tyler, you’ve dreamed of joining the circus, the Trapeze School New York is for you

Hidden Prospect Park

I was the kind of kid for whom a door marked “private” meant I needed to see inside; a fence was

It’s a Wrap!

Raegan Moya-Jones is a native of Australia, where swaddling infants is the norm. When she and her fr

Play — and Learn

If a science playground makes you think slide rules, not slides, you need a trip to the New York

FX Kids

The Young School of Design, the re-named and expanded Nykidsanimate, offers classes for ages 8-14

Park It

Central Park has a new family area, The Children's Glade.

Car, James

For those of us without drivers, Kid Car NY offers the next best thing — a car service that picks

Another Cup of Tea

The third Alice’s Tea Cup, for snacks or kids’ parties, has opened at 220 East 81st Street.

Great Apes & Griffins

At the American Museum of Natural History, you can learn the science behind imaginary creatures in '

The Fine Line

I am kind of a worst-case scenario parent — if one kid has a stiff neck, I think “meningitis”.

'eebee' Talks to Toddlers

'eebee’s adventures', created by New Yorkers, is a new DVD series that is based on the concept “ever

Motherhood on Stage

The trials of motherhood have been turned into novels, poetry, and war stories for friends. But if

On-The-Job Training

Some people become experts by delving into a subject, doing research and learning all there is to

Behind the Curtain

You may have been to these places, but they have special behind the scenes tours.

Hip-Hop High

At W.E.B.DuBois High School, in Crown Heights, teacher Timothy Adams has won an award recognizing “e

Big Brother Ed

Former mayor Ed Koch recently collaborated with his sister, Pat, on their second children’s book.

Keeping Tabs on Nanny

Like many parents of young children, Murray Hill mom Jill Starishevsky worried about leaving h

Bourne Identified

British choreographer and director Matthew Bourne has adapted Tim Burton’s movie, 'Edward Scissorhan

Afternoon delight

Baby Loves Disco, the monthly afternoon dance party at Southpaw in Brooklyn, has a new partner, M

Lights, camera . . .

Kids are involved in drama classes throughout the city, but City Lights Youth Theatre occupies a sp

Under the Weather

I feel horrible when my kids are sick, and I would gladly take a stomach bug, or bad cold, so they c

Nice Ice!

Last year, Manhattan had a new free place to skate, The Pond at Bryant Park. This year, this midtow

Life Imitating Art

The American Museum of Natural History has launched “A Night at the Museum” sleepovers.

Jolly Holiday

For those parents who bemoan the loss of childhood, the Broadway 'Mary Poppins' is the perfect antid

Paradise Found

The mega Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas, satisfies so many needs (except those of t

The Grinch

If you try to eat healthfully, or feed your children healthy food, holidays can be a minefield.

Sugarland Express

While some kids dream of becoming astronauts or ballerinas, mine fantasize about being appointed Wil

Under one roof

The Continuum Center for Reproductive Health at Roosevelt Hospital just expanded with a state-of-the

Just like the movie!

The American Museum of Natural History has a new sleepover program, A Night at the Museum.

Happy Hunting?

Every year, parents around New York City go through an elaborate process of getting their kids in

Save on Broadway

One argument against going to a Broadway show is the cost, but Kids’ Night on Broadway cuts that

Downtown Esthete

Both cosmetic and medical procedures are being offered at the new TriBeCa MedSpa.

Puppet Magic

Julie Taymor has brought her skills to 'The Magic Flute', in a holiday family opera at The Metropoli

City Sports

City kids have a new place to play and learn a variety of team sports

Music Man

What delights Wynton Marsalis? A group of 4-year-olds, jamming.

One-Ring Madness

Summer may be over, but you can still visit the boardwalk: the Big Apple Circus has a new show, S

Where The Cows Come Home

New Yorkers may get our water from upstate reservoirs, but did you know that the milk that most of u

Slings Made Easier

Slings in the City, a group devoted to baby-wearing, is the brainchild of Queens mom Bianca Fehn.

SOS – Save our Spinach

Just when my 8-year-old started to eat spinach, the tender, baby leaves that come in bags, it was pu

Extreme Play at CMOM!

Learning through play is one of the basic tenets of the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM), a


Not far behind the start of school is the beginning of the soccer season. For many parents and k

When Clowns Create

The book of Genesis gets a radical make-over in Creation: A Clown Show — a limited engagement, pl