On The Blogroll: Fearless Parenting

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Blogging From: Brooklyn, New York

NY mom Stephanie Thompson runs Fearless Parenting, a blog extension of the Brooklyn Paper based all on, you guessed it, parenting adventures! How fearless can parenting really be? Well she may not be Lenore Skenazy of Free-Range Kids but she seems to be finding a great balance between protecting her kids and letting them experience their world first-hand.

Thompson also subscribes to the idea that no one has the right answers in parenting, and therefore promises her readers “you will find no answers in my column, only stories and questions, only suggestions to pay attention to yourself, to your children, to “peel back the layers of the onion” to expose what you really think, what you really know yourself needs to happen.” It’s a fantastic approach when you think about it. As much as we thrive on other’s advice and opinions, it’s our own conscience and methods at then end of the day that will influence our children’s and our own lives.

Of course, there’s no harm in learning from other’s experiences along the way and giving a metaphorical thumbs up or down when it comes to “my kid would never be coaxed to eat vegetables that way!” or “what a great idea for potty training” topics. So that’s what Stephanie Thompson aims to be for other moms; not an authority, just another way of being a mom for you to bounce your ideas off of.

As a mother of two boys, Stephanie had to make fearlessness a part of her mom agenda. The whole mentality should go for all parenting, but Thompson can only speak to her firsthand experience with wild and crazy boys who test her nerves and patience on a daily basis. Followers of Fearless Parenting will gain a sense of camaraderie for another mom making it through the crazy city world and keeping her head above water. That, and in her own best worlds, learning that with kids, “Love is an art and not a science, and there is no finite proof, just a constant show of one’s belief in its existence.” -- Melanie Baker


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