Orthodontic Practice Opens in Park Slope

Orthodontic Practice Opens in Park Slope

Fresh Orthodontics is a newly opened orthodontic practice in Park Slope. The Brooklyn orthodontist aims to provide a comfortable atmosphere for all ages.

Fresh Orthodontics, a practice in Park Slope that opened in June, is “dedicated to providing convenient and high quality orthodontic care,” says Ankush Khanna, DMD, MBE, owner. Although the practice caters to patients of all ages, Dr. Khanna strives to make his practice particularly kid-friendly by offering a complimentary screening period, offering low-radiation X-ray systems, and making the office space friendly for children. Kids should start coming in for orthodontic screenings at age 7, Dr. Khanna says, and Fresh Orthodontics can continue to cater to their needs through their 70s. 

Fresh Orthodontics offers a complimentary screening period for children starting at age 7, Dr. Khanna says, “looking for early red flags… and making sure everything is growing properly.” Though most children do not need treatment until they are older, starting the screening period early is important because it “can make lives a lot easier in the future,” Dr. Khanna says. When children do need treatment, Fresh Orthodontics offers options including metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign (and Invisalign Teen) and AcceleDent, an FDA approved device that can decrease brace-wearing time by up to 50 percent in conjunction with any other type of treatment.

As part of his commitment to high quality care, Dr. Khanna makes an effort to establish a relationship with his patients. He accepts most insurance plans, and works closely with patients to maximize their benefits. Fresh Orthodontics strives to be a practice for people of all ages. “We were very careful to design the practice so it doesn’t alienate any particular age group,” Dr. Khanna says, “but it is very bright, very colorful, it’s fun. I want to make sure that everyone has an option.”

Main photo: Ankush Khanna, DMD, MBE, owner of Fresh Orthodontics