On The Blogroll: Mama Goes Natural

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Blogging From: Brooklyn

Considering the amount of people who live in New York, being "green" in a city full of grey is surprisingly easy. One mom is taking care of the planet and her kids with zeal. Modern day hippies rejoice!

Mama Goes Natural writer, Serena Norr, regularly documents tips and personal experiences with living an all natural life. She’s all about organic beauty and getting her kids involved in the environment as well. Weekly farmers markets and visits to nature preserves are great examples of the ways she gets her children involved. Homemade beauty products and less chemical heavy cleaning products are always a hot topic of discussion. Often, the best way to know what is in what you’re using is to make it yourself. Norr provides cruelty free fashion and make up advice as well as a commentary on fun toxin free toys. 

Along with living in a greener environment, she also focuses on changes in her day-to-day life that’ll make her a more eco-friendly person. There’s no guilt involved in any of Serena’s posts—just a warm emphasis on simply trying to make the planet greener counting in the long run, shown when she states, "It isn’t about perfection but a work-in-progress…"  

She's created tons off different recipes for healthy dishes that kids will love. As a parent of two picky eaters, Serena knows the frustration and has learned that patience and a slow integration with at least 12 attempts is the best way to try and get your child to eat healthily. —Kara Faulk