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Halloween Haunted Hike & Trivia Game

Prepare for this one-of-a-kind nighttime walk to meet some of the nocturnal and creepy animals that live right in the neighborhood. Arachnids, bats, and many more creatures of the night will be visible from the trails. (At the very least, these animals WILL be watching us even if we are having trouble spotting them.) Please bring flashlights or headlamps- if you do not have any, one will be provided for the duration of the program. (You may also want to pack garlic to ward off vampires.) The festivities will conclude with a Halloween-themed trivia game, sweet treats, and spooky hot chocolate! Masks are strongly recommended for participants for this all-outdoor program. Spots are limited. Ages:  9 - 11.

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About Alley Pond Environmental Center

224-65 76th Ave.

Oakland Gardens, NY


  • Stroller parking: Yes
  • Stroller check: Yes

  • The Alley Pond Environmental Center (APEC), a nonprofit environmental education organization, is dedicated to educating children and adults in the New York metropolitan area, protecting and preserving Alley Pond Park, open spaces and waterbodies, and advocating for sustainable environmental policies and practices.

    Alley Pond Park is the home of the Douglaston Estate Windmill, a reminder of their agricultural past. 

  • Play area: No
  • Party room: No