The Grass is Always Greener...

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October 01, 2011


Baryshnikov Arts Center


Tween, Teen, Adult


Event description: Conceived and directed by Argentinean choreographer Anabella Lenzu with photographic projections created by Todd Carroll, this is a gripping, polemical piece of dance theater that hashes the personal, practical, and political struggles of immigrants to the United States. The piece moves in between the turn of the 20th century, during the great waves of immigration at Ellis Island, and modern day. In a non-linear approach, the work weaves in scenes from our current conflict on U.S. immigration policy, bringing the contemporary debate into sharp relief against historical, forgotten experiences.

Five women travel through time, across borders, and along the roads of memory and anticipation. Each carrying her own suitcase filled with memorabilia, images of home, and hopes for a new life, these voyagers are archetypal immigrants caught between cultures. The women arrive in a new land, carrying old traditions to which they no longer relate, finding fault with the home to which they do not yet belong. Past and present are superimposed, the lines of individual narratives blur. As the women unpack their suitcases to share their stories with the audience, Lenzu unpacks the question of what it means to be an immigrant, whether in 1900 or 2011.

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