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Penelope's Rainy Day: A Musical

  • Mar. 11, 2020, 4pm
  • Edenwald Library
  • 1255 East 233rd Street, Bronx
  • Young elementary, Tween
  • FREE

Join the Edenwald Library for a musical performance of Penelope's Rainy Day. Penelope is having a bad day. It's raining cats and dogs. Mom took her phone. She's tired of TV. What's a girl to do? Time for some daydreaming. Some MUSICAL daydreaming. Penelope imagines her future as a member of an all-girl band. Get ready for her to create characters and puppeteer them right in front of your eyes! Written by Dante Albertie and Mary Ann McSweeney. Performed by members of the Bronx Arts Ensemble.

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1255 East 233rd Street

Bronx, NY