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The Brave Little Tailor at Galli Theater

The Brave Little Tailor

  • Feb. 22, 2020 through Mar. 01, 2020, Weekends, 2:00pm
  • Galli Theater
  • 74 Warren St, New York
  • Pre-school & younger, Young elementary, Tween
  • $20 adults; $15 children

The brave little tailor gets rid of seven flies with one blow. The little tailor is amazed at his heroic deed and wants the whole world to hear of it. He sews a belt that reads: 7 at one stroke. The hero in this story is armed with wit, cunning and a sense of humour. He conquers all before him, including giants, a unicorn, and a princess.

About Galli Theater

74 Warren St

New York, NY


    The Galli Theater communicates important social issues through modern adaptations of fairy tales from around the world. The plays highlight their symbols and help to illuminate wisdom that is highly relevant in today’s society. They awaken a sense of liveliness in audiences and actors alike that can help reveal the genuine person and his inner vision and power, thus celebrating childhood. Galli achieves this mission through its mainstage productions, educational programs, and Dr. Fairytale Program.

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