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Hibernation, Migration, Adaptation, Oh My! at Greenburgh Nature Center

Hibernation, Migration, Adaptation, Oh My!

  • Feb. 16, 2020, 1-2pm
  • Greenburgh Nature Center
  • 99 Dromore Rd, Scarsdale
  • All Ages
  • $8; $5 members

Each morning the sun rises a little later and dips lower in the sky. The shorter days of fall send a signal to every living thing in the forest. Winter is coming! For forest animals, it's no easy task to stay alive through the winter. What would you do: migrate, hibernate, or adapt? Each animal must make a choice. Meet some native animals to gain a better understanding on how they survive in winter. Great for all ages.

About Greenburgh Nature Center

99 Dromore Rd

Scarsdale, NY


    The Greenburgh Nature Center (GNC) is a 33-acre nature preserve with trails, a pond and gardens. More than 80,000 visitors come to the GNC each year. The property is a significant wildlife habitat refuge, both for indigenous species and for the hundreds of species of migratory birds that use it as a resting place on their spring and fall travels. The property includes 30 acres of woodland, two significant wetland sites, and a native plant meadow.

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