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Citizens Presents The Living Portrait of NYC

Citizens presents The Living Portrait of NYC, a 10-day mega immersive experience that showcases the resilience and brilliance of New York. Citizens is presenting the best immersive experience of the fall season - an emotional and exciting experience that showcases and celebrates what it means to be a New Yorker, just as New Yorkers have returned to the city in earnest. Everything you'll see was made for, created by, and curated by New Yorkers. Citizens spent 400+ hours surveying over 5,000 New Yorkers from every borough and neighborhood to gather real and unfiltered stories, helping to understand and capture what makes New York. And it all culminates here, in this multi-sensory, multi-media experience that helps attendees see the city - and perhaps even themselves - a whole new way. The stories drawn in this 10,000 sq feet space will represent these broad topics: Dreams, Space, Money, Love, Transit, Food, and Downtime. In addition to the stories, they're bringing a live New York experience to viewers - attendees may be surprised by well-known entertainers from all genres and corners popping in to perform surprise sets.

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