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A Bubble Adventure at Jewish Children's Museum

A Bubble Adventure

Blow... Catch... Pop... Join the museum to dive into the most mesmerizing bubble adventure of your life, where you'll go from learning what a bubble is to having that wonderful feeling of endless bubble fun! The Jewish Children's Museum is inviting children and "children at heart" to be enamored by bubbles, and its sparkle at "A Bubble Adventure". Learn why bubbles pop, how bubbles work, what is a bubble, and then experiment with bubbles in the Bubble Sensory Room. Hop on over, to the space "where time stops & adventure begins"! 

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About Jewish Children's Museum

792 Eastern Pkwy.

Crown Heights, NY


  • Standard hours: Monday-Thursday, 10am-4pm; Sunday, 10am-5:30pm

  • A place of learning and wonder, the Jewish Children’s Museum is a unique institution where children and their parents–from all segments of the community–can explore Jewish history and heritage in a stimulating and interactive environment. 

    With hands-on exhibits focusing on Jewish holidays, biblical history, the land of Israel, contemporary Jewish life, and more, the Jewish Children’s Museum celebrates and explores many aspects of Jewish culture. Through innovative multi-media technology, Jewish history, values and culture come to life at the Museum. The Museum features multi-media marvels, an art gallery, two state-of-the-art computer labs, a game show studio, a 75-seat audiovisual theater, a miniature golf course, and a craft workshop. These are but some of the wonders within the museum's 50,000 square foot multi-media wired structure.