The Perfect Fit, the Musical

August 11, 2019 through August 23, 2019

8/11, 4pm; 8/12, 6pm; 8/18, 1:30pm; 8/19, 4pm; 8/23, 7pm.

LaTea Theater

New York

Tween, Teen, Adult


The Perfect Fit, the Musical at LaTea Theater

Event description:

Written by 12-year-old professional actor, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Turchin, directed by Broadway veteran Garth Kravits and choreography by Broadway's Anna Noble, THE PERFECT FIT tells the story of Alexandra, a driven child actor with a powerful voice, concerned that she is growing too old to play a child and too young to play an adult. After being cast in a musical, she is sabotaged by a vindictive stage parent who would do anything for her daughter to succeed. It is through heartbreak and defeat that Alexandra seeks to find her real perfect fit. A story of triumph and a celebration of individuality.

Address: 107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002
Phone: 212-529-1948