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Due to the coronavirus, please call to ensure this event is still happening before you leave home.

ONLINE Virtual STEAM Workshop: Earth Day at Lewis Latimer House Museum

ONLINE Virtual STEAM Workshop: Earth Day

  • Apr. 22, 2021, 3:30-4:30pm
  • Lewis Latimer House Museum
  • 34-41 137th Street, Flushing
  • Young elementary, Tween
  • Pay what you wish

Participants will make assemblage sculptures from materials that would usually be put in the recycling bin. Using simple tools and methods, you will construct unexpected sculptural objects that reflect our culture's relationship to disposable materials. In this workshop, participants will increase their awareness of the impact everyday packaging has on the planet and be encouraged to look for creative solutions to reducing and reusing such materials. Advanced registration required. 

Materials to Collect ahead of time (instead of Recycling or Trashing)

  • Cardboard (cereal boxes, delivery boxes, shaped trays from take-out or vegetable packing, paper towel rolls, shirt cardboard)
  • Plastic (bottles, take-out containers, bottle tops, old kitchen utensils, bags)
  • Aluminum (washed foil or wrap, wire ties that bundle vegetables or tie plastic bags, washed disposable food trays)
  • Paper (newspaper, magazines, junk mail, old homework, used gift wrap)
  • Items you may have around –String, pipe cleaners, buttons, decals, other stuff of little value)

Tools and Supplies (whatever you have available from this list is fine)

  • Scissors
  • Stapler and staples
  • Masking tape, duct tape, gaffers tape, packing tape
  • Glue (Elmer’s, Gorilla, Sobo, Craft)

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34-41 137th Street

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