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Raspberry Jam - Coding and Physical Computing

  • Mar. 14, 2020, 2-4pm
  • Long Beach Public Library
  • 111 West Park Avenue, Long Beach
  • Tween, Teen
  • FREE

Long Beach Public Library is hosting a coding and physical computing event where kids and parents can get hands-on practice with Raspberry Pis! Kids can experiment with Python, Minecraft Pi, wires, buzzers, LEDs, breadboards, sensors and buttons! NOTE: Children must be ages 8+! No children younger than age 8 may participate. Parents: Please note the Raspberry Pi Foundation's new safeguarding policies at All Raspberry Pi activities easily replicable at home. Raspberry Pis and accessories can be purchased at electronic stores and online. You and your children can get oriented with Raspberry Pis before the event by visiting their Education page.

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111 West Park Avenue

Long Beach, NY