Narwhal Lecture by Dr. Martin Nweeia

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April 07, 2014


Maritime Aquarium


Tween, Teen, Adult


Event description: It's only natural that Dr. Martin Nweeia, a dentist in Sharon, CT, has an interest in teeth. But he has a particular side interest in a tooth of note: the long single spiraling tusk of the mysterious, almost mythical narwhal. Nweeia is principal investigator and founder of the Narwhal Tooth Expeditions and Research Investigation, whose aim is to determine the purpose and function of narwhal tusks, which can extend up to 9 feet long. The narwhal (Monodon monoceros) has been called "the unicorn of the sea." It's one of the rarest whales in the world. Narwhals are elusive and mysterious, and very distinct in appearance because of their large tusk, which actually is a tooth that grows from the upper jaw of males. Not counting their tusks, they grow to 13 to 18 feet long (similar to their cousin, the beluga) and tend to live in large pods in Arctic waters.

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