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September 03, 2013 through October 06, 2013

Tuesdays-Fridays, 10am-5pm; Saturdays, 10am-4pm.

Pelham Art Center


All Ages


Event description: HABITAT for ARTISTS is an artist-run group that explores the nature of creativity, the role of the artist in our communities and how to create dialog with a new audience.

What sparks these explorations is a small 6' x 6', temporary, recycled, and reusable studio that HFA installs in varied locations, from city streets to farms and parks. This fall, thanks to a grant from the Junior League of Pelham, Pelham Art Center is partnering with HFA to install a temporary studio in its Courtyard, which will showcase artists from the Westchester/Hudson Valley area, New York City, and as far south as Charleston, SC. Passersby can stop and watch, ask questions, and in many cases, actually participate in the artistic creation.

As a dynamic venue for artists as well, the studio will cause artists to creatively react to the changing environment, engage with the public and pose questions relevant to sustainable practice. Each artist involved in this project will adapt the studio to suit his/her own needs, playing off the work of previous artists or creating his/her own environment. As much as possible, the materials used in the creation of the structure will consist of reclaimed and re-used components. For more information visit pelhamartcenter.org and habitatforartists.org.

Pelham Art Center is located in downtown Pelham on Fifth Avenue, Pelham's busy commercial thoroughfare. The courtyard is open to the sidewalk and street, and therefore visible to hundreds of passersby and cars every day. Pelham Art Center also attracts thousands of people of all ages to its events, fundraisers, classes, and performances.

Participating Artists: Jarod Charzewski - Charleston, SC; Margaret Coleman - Brooklyn, NY; Gail Heidel- Brooklyn, NY; Rachel Klinghoffer - Brooklyn, NY; Stacy Miller - New Rochelle, NY; Colette Murphy - Brooklyn, NY; Victoria Rolett - New Rochelle, NY; Anna Marie Shogren - Brooklyn, NY; Scott Seaboldt - New Rochelle; Chris Smith - Bronx, NY; Andrea Stanislav - New York City/Minneapolis, MN. HFA Collective Group - Hudson Valley: Michael Asbill, Ina Braun, Lisa Breznak, Thomas DangVu, Simon Draper, Faheem Haider, Michelle Hersh, Marnie Hillsley, Jessica Poser, Beth E Wilson.

Address: 155 Fifth Ave.
Pelham, NY 10803
Phone: 914-738-2525
Website: pelhamartcenter.org

About Pelham Art Center

Standard hours: Tuesday–Friday, 10–5 pm; Saturday, 10–4 pm
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Stroller parking: Yes
Stroller check: No
Bring food: Yes
Buy food: No
Where is food allowed: Food allowed in designated spots
Changing tables in the women's room(s): No
Changing tables in the men's room(s): No
Family bathroom: Yes

Pelham Art Center's mission is to provide the public with a place, the resources, and the opportunity to see, study, and experience the arts in a community setting. Currently serving more than 16,000 adults and children in Westchester County and parts of the Bronx by offering high-quality free and affordable art programs for children and adults year round, high quality art exhibitions and event space for birthdays and more. Pelham Art Center is committed to the belief that the public’s access to and participation in the arts strengthens communities and fosters life long engagement in the arts.

Parking: Paid
Nearest public transportation stop: Pelham train station
Play area: Indoor and Outdoor
Party room: Yes

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