Breastfeeding Support Circle

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December 17, 2013


Prenatal Yoga Center

Upper West Side



Description: For thousands of years, mothers have breast-fed their babies in "women's circles", benefiting from the vast experience and knowledge of others. Being part of such a circle which shares the joys, concerns and challenges of breast-feeding can be empowering and tremendously rewarding. This breast-feeding circle allows for a clinical yet warm approach to breast-feeding today.

Brown bag your lunch, come by, nurse and snuggle with your baby. An opportunity to meet other new Mums and guided by Andrea Syms-Brown, explore the joy, and unravel the mysteries of breast-feeding and Mothering in modern times.

Scale available to weigh your babies before and after feeding and help track weight gain.

Address: 251 W. 72nd St., 2F
Upper West Side, NY 10023
Phone: 212-362-2985


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