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Family Workshop: The Case of the Missing Fossil?

Help! A valuable fossil has been stolen from the museum and they need your family’s help to find out whodunnit! Was it King Chowderpot? Miss Pennyfinger?! Track down the thief by analyzing evidence you collect throughout the museum and learn valuable forensic skills along the way.


Forensic Science: Learn the history of this ancient field as well as the most cutting-edge techniques! Discover how you can apply forensic thinking to your everyday life.
Fingerprinting: why do we have them and how can we lift them off objects? What type of fingerprints do you have and are they different than your family’s?
Blood typing: how do scientists test blood found at the scene, and what will blood types reveal about our suspects?
Codes: Make a cipher wheel and send hidden messages that can only be decrypted by your coconspirators! It might come in handy during our investigation, too…
Crack the case and find the missing fossil; we’re counting on you!

Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Masks are required inside the Science Museum

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