New York Musical Theatre Festival Presents 'Ever Happily After'

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July 21, 2013

1pm and 5pm.

The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre

Midtown West

All Ages


Event description:

Center Stage Theatre Company's "Ever Happily After" is an original musical fairytale written by award-winning playwright Jill Jaysen, with music by Emmy Award-winning composer Randy Klein and lyrics by Matthew Hardy.

This whimsical musical, featuring Cinderella and her "happily ever after" fairytale friends, is infused with humorous references to life in the 21st century. The story shines a bright light on the fact that all that glitters is not necessarily gold and magic can be found in the most unexpected places.

As Cinderella is forced to endure the bullying ways of her step sisters, she waits to be saved by her zany fairy godmother who is nowhere in sight. Unfortunately, her wand has run low on power and she can't seem to find her charger anywhere. With just enough power left to call her best bird friend Perez,(inspired by Perez Hilton) the Fairy Godmother persuades Perez to take Cinderella under his wing and get her ready for the ball. Perez knows that if he makes this CinderCharming match, he'll be the hot tweet on the street, and be "in" with the prestigious royal family.

Will Cinderella make it to the ball? Will Prince Charming live up to his name? The truth is surprising and the match is enlightening. With humor and heart, Cinderella plays out her part and the outcome is truly sublime.

"Ever Happily After" spotlights the importance of recognizing the magic within yourself, with the understanding that you have the power to make your dreams come true," explained Jill Jaysen, Center Stage founder and author of this original work. "The show is a catalyst for change that engages and inspires the cast and the audience to persevere through trials and always remain open to life's magic, wherever and however it shows up."


Address: 480 W. 42nd St.
Midtown West, NY 10036
Phone: 212-352-3101