Alternative Preschools in Fairfield County, CT


If you're making the rounds to visit Fairfield County, CT, preschools, check out our list below of alternative types to keep in mind. Before you choose, make sure you read each school’s mission statement carefully, and talk to the director during your visit to see how he or she describes the school’s educational philosophy.


The Conservative Synagogue Preschool
30 Hillspoint Road, Westport
(203) 454-4673?

Earthplace Nursery School
10 Woodside Lane, Westport
(203) 227-7253

Playland Nursery School
802 Ponus Ridge, New Canaan
(203) 966-2937



Hunt Ridge Montessori School
834 Brookside Drive, Fairfield
(203) 254-1159
Accredited by Association of Montessori Internationale 


Reggio Emilia

Susanna Wesley School
338 Walnut Tree Hill Road, Huntington
(203) 925-1076



The Clover Hill School and Early Childhood Center
Christ Episcopal Church, 2 Emerson Street, Norwalk
(203) 661-6484



Hillel Academy
1571 Stratfield Road, Fairfield
(203) 374-6147



Landmark of Ridgefield Academy
11 Burr Road, Westport
20 Portland Ave, Redding
(203) 544-8393
Academic and play-based 



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