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50 Ideas for At-Home Fun

In this FREEBIE you'll discover:
  • 20 easy DIY projects kids can make on their own
  • 10 recipes to get kids cooking
  • 20 low-fi activities kids can do around the house
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    Top Spring Activities in the NY Area

    Get inside information on springtime family outings, annual events, and scrumptious seasonal recipes.
    In this FREEBIE you'll discover:
  • 100 things to do with kids this Spring
  • All the area's botanical gardens
  • Activities for Easter and Passover
  • Fun and educational historical destinations
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    Top Family Day Trips in the NY Area

    Sometimes you just need to head out of town. Find the best places to take your kids for a day of fun and excitement.
    In this FREEBIE you'll discover:
  • Ideas for awesome day trip destinations
  • Deep explorations of some top locations
  • The best water parks in our area
  • Ways to spend a day of educational fun within in the NY area
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    Our Best Ideas for Winter Fun in the NYC Area

    From your living room to the ski slopes-and everywhere in between-find out how to make this the best winter ever!
    In this FREEBIE you'll discover:
  • Top area locations for winter activities
  • Boredom busters for when you need to stay indoors
  • How to keep your kids active no matter the weather
  • Expert advice on keeping your kids safe and healthy
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    50 Greatest Indoor Activities in the NYC Area

    Get dozens of ways to keep your kids entertained -- and off screens!-- when it's too cold to play outside.
    In this FREEBIE you'll discover:
  • Mom-tested DIY projects
  • Kid-friendly recipes
  • Boredom busters galore
  • Fun places to go when you NEED to get out - and more!
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    Your Guide to Choosing the Best Private School in the New York Area

    Yes, I want this FREE guide to choosing a private school in New York City. In this ebook you'll find:
  • An overview of the entire application process
  • The questions you should ask on school tours
  • A directory of the top New York area private schools
  • Advice on helping your child ace admissions interviews
  • Tips on choosing the right school
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