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A.C.T. Programs (Adults and Children in Trust)

At the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine 1047 Amsterdam Ave.

New York, NY




ACT Programs



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ACT Programs      ACT Programs

A.C.T. Summer Camps: 3 CAMPS IN 8 WEEKS

Theme based, small groups and outdoor fun 
Making Camp Memories since 1971

Founded in 1971, The Adults and Children in Trust (A.C.T.) Program provides a safe haven where toddlers to teens from many faiths, cultures and economic backgrounds gather to learn, play and grow, as they participate in a broad range of programs among highly-trained and caring adults. Summer campers come to discover, explore, learn new skills and create while taking risks in a warm supportive diverse community that bring enjoyment while  sharing the space with resident peacocks.  

JULY THEME CAMP 5 WEEKS: 6/25/18 - 7/27/18

Four divisions of children 3yrs. 10 mos. Old to 13 yrs. 9 mos. Old as of 9/1/18

The ACTion never stops as the daily schedule begins at 9:30 and ends at 4:00.  Pre and Post-camp programs are available as well.  Our younger campers enjoy sports, creating art, making music, gardening and water play in our aquatic area. Our older campers have a full day of ACTivity including sports, crafts, nature, challenge courses and more.  Our oldest campers share in the decision making process, embrace new experiences while enjoying all of the other programs and experiences that A.C.T has to offer.  Fun-filled out of town trips for groups first grade and up round out the A.C.T experience. Two carnival days, Aqua days with water rides, assemblies and guest performers add a sparkle each camper’s eye.  

ACT Programs      ACT Programs

The August sessions focus on art, sports and performing arts. Our youngest campers continue in their own specialized programs with an emphasis on creating and engaging with nature, art, music sports and most of all each other. Expert level staff teach campers the fundamentals of their crafts... Third through ninth graders may select three classes a week in the Art, Sports or Performing Arts Track. They spend their lunch and noontime sharing experiences with other campers and staff.AUGUST SPECIALTY CAMP 2 WEEKS 7/30/18 to 8/10/18

AUGUST AVENTURE CAMP 1 WEEK 8/13/18 - 8/17/18

Adventure Groups - Must be 4.5 to 11.9 years old as of September 1st

Using imaginative daily themes, campers participate in adventures on and off the campus. The youngest campers focus on activities on and around the Cathedral grounds--playing in our fields, playgrounds and gardens, participating in games, special adventures and art activities. Older campers travel outside Cathedral grounds on public transportation and school buses to take advantage of many of the wonders of New York. While at A.C.T, campers choose and participate in Adventure Clubs

ACT Programs   ACT Programs


An 11 acre campus at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Two private playgrounds, lawns, water splash area for preschoolers.
Two large indoor gymnasiums, art studios, and performing arts space.
Vehicle drop-off and pick -up area.
Extended day offering in the morning and afternoon.
Sibling discounts and financial aid available
Details are located at 212.316.7530

Young Preps –Ages 3.10 to 5.8 yrs. Old as of 9/1/18
Art Group - Ages 5.9 to 7.8 yrs. old as of 9/1/18
Sport Group - Ages 5.9 to 7.8 yrs. old as of 9/1/18
Specialist Courses - Ages 7.9 to 13.9 years old as of 9/1/18
Young Preps –Ages 3.10 to 5.8 yrs. Old as of 9/1/18
Preps - Ages 5.9 to 7.8 yrs. old as of 9/1/18
Voyagers - Ages 7.9 to 10.8 years old as of 9/1/18
Pioneers – Ages 10.9 to 13.9 years old as of 9/1/18 

ACT Programs ACT Programs ACT Programs ACT Programs

Divine Parties

Divine Saturday Celebrations

Parties at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine include...

Theme Parties.
Spacious facility, event planning, setup and cleanup included.
Use of equipment, food, and attentive helpers.
2 hour parties with an option for additional hours.
Additional services for an extra fee may include: bouncy castle, beverages, cotton candy, carnival games and other options.
Indoor and Outdoor Parties
Use of equipment, food, and more.

Commemorate milestones and celebrate special days with A.C.T at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.  Book an A.C.T Divine Party for your child, and take advantage of spacious facilities and attentive staff.  Our team will help you plan your event, arrange fun activities, set-up and cleanup, leaving you the chance to enjoy every moment.  Choose from various themes.  Bouncy Castle, food and beverages are available for an additional fee.  Contact us to plan your party today!


Preschool Mat Parties Let your little one explore, and jump to new heights of fun. Preschool Mat parties include the use of the gym, mats, climbing equipment. Party staff assists sponsor in planning and monitoring schedule of events and set-up. Tables and chairs are provided. Activitiy Options include: parachute games, circle time with story and songs, and tag games. Party assistant supervises children with sponsor and organizes small group games.

NEW Teckno Party: Our spacious gym is set up for challenges and games using special gear and equipment. Run around obstacles and mats as you play laser tag. In a maze of mats, you can catch friends for your team and earn points need for a reward. Try our Wii dance party and aim for the highest score or simply dance along with Michael Jackson or Justin Beaver to learn new moves. How about a Glow-in-the-dark Obstacle course challenge?

Sports Party: Bring all the sports live action from a stadium to your celebration! Sports parties feature basketball, floor hockey, soccer or Ga-Ga games, a 9 Square in the Air and wall traverse climbing. Use of space, limited equipment, and more will be provided along with up to two select sports activities for your child's desire.

Art Party:

Create the magic and festivity with an Art Party. Special arts and crafts projects are led by the art staff based on your child's interest. Choices include: sculpturing with clay or Sculpey, fashion fun, jewelry design, collage and water color, picture frames, Peg art, Loop art and wood craft arts. Use of classroom and gym space, limited materials, and more will be provided. Let your child create the life of the party!


Celebrate good times with our spacious indoor and outdoor facilities. Our gym space can accommodate for up to 40 guests including children and adults. Tables and chairs are provided with table covers, sound system is available upon request however, and guests may supply their own music with MP3 players. DVD player and monitor are available for presentations.

Your party plans are personalized. From planning to setup and cleanup, we work to make every event easy so you can relax, enjoy and have wonderful memories. Choose private indoor or outdoor locations on the Cathedral's beautiful campus.

Available Party Hours and logistics:

  • Saturdays: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (10:30am-12;30, 1-3:00pm or 3:30-5:30p.m.)  Two hours is the minimum, but we can customize your party schedule to meet your needs and add extra time.
  • Check our calendar for days on which A.C.T is closed or contact us to discuss your scheduling needs.
  • Available on some holidays.
  • Easy ten minute parking for pick-up and drop-off of guest and party supplies.
  • Payment: Full payment is due at time of reservation. Minimum of two hours per party. Gratuity not included.
  • Our facility can accommodate up to 40 participants.
For information about A.C.T's Divine Parties at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine - Select this link:
ACT Programs ACT Programs ACT Programs ACT Programs

Nursery & Preschool Info 

For information about ACT's PreSchool at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine - Select this link:

Hear parents talk about ACT's PreSchool:


A.C.T. Programs at The Cathedral of St. john Divine offers the following programs for children 5 years old and younger (non-sectarian program)

  • Full day Preschool  – September to June - 2.9 - 5 years old as of 9/18
  • Part-time First Step Nursery School – September to June - 2.0 years old as of 9/18
  • Part-Time Drop-off Nursery – Afternoon sessions - September to June – 2.0 years old as of 9/18
  • Parent-toddler classes – September to December and January to May Semesters.
  • PlayStation – Indoor Winter play space for children 5 years old and younger
  • Mini-ACT Summer Program – July & August - 3.5 years old as of 9/18


  • Small classes in a mixed aged setting.
  • Low teacher/student ratio.
  • Experienced and dedicated teachers.
  • Natural science curriculum.
  • On-site playgrounds and lawns.
  • Child-friendly gym space.
  • Outdoor learning activities.
  • Children's garden.
  • Peacocks!  

The true fundamentals of our preschool sections

The key to a love of learning and school are based on successes and the social and emotional growth youngsters' experience. Through the introduction of basic values such as sharing and kindness and life skills, we foster competency, friendships, and social behavior that allow for productive learning. Children experience group and partnered activities ranging from dramatic play, singing, and group story-time to the physical exploration of our indoor and outdoor facilities. A balance of freedom and structure makes for a flexible, stimulating, and creative environment. The emotional wellspring created now will be there to draw on for all the Septembers to come.

During the school year your child will master basic learning skills and habits, moving from activity to activity, making choices, taking out and putting away materials, listening to a group story, singing together, taking turns when talking, listening to each other and walking with a partner. 

We also tackle life skills that young children can use to judge themselves capable and competent: wash hands, put on socks and shoes, don coats, hats and mittens, set out snack cups, plates and napkins, pour juice, pass food and wipe up spills. The long road to "academic readiness" is pursued without disturbing the relaxed pressure-free atmosphere of play so necessary to effective early childhood learning.

ACT Programs   ACT Programs



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