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A-Game Sports is excited to announce the successful launch of it's brand new webpage, which went live on Monday January 8th, 2018. The new website has a beautiful layout which is more user friendly and easier to navigate than our previous version. From our new homepage visitors will still be able to choose from a list of tabs promoting many of the sports programs and other services we provide without having to search through several pages. 

In addition to a user friendly layout, we have added a search feature to streamline customer conversion and eliminate some confusion we have had in the past. All of our sports programs as well as their registrations will all be live on Monday. The new layout and design will also promote our social media presence and provide stronger metrics regarding our promotions and consumer traffic. 

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Check out the camps happening at A-Game Sports during President's Week From February 19th through February 23rd! Boys and girls will get to train and play games all day instead of sitting around during their days off! Hurry, Discounts Start Decreasing January 31st!!

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Please visit https://www.agamesports.net/ and check out the rest of our upcoming school break and summer camp programs. 

PLEASE NOTE: **Earlier Registration Provides Scheduling & Pricing Flexibility

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A-Game Sports was founded in 2013 by two guys who decided that it was time to do what they truly love in life. Since then, A-Game Sports has made the ideology of fusing hard work and fun into a reality. The dedicated staff of professional coaches share their enthusiasm with kids of all ages and skill levels that take part in their programs. 

A-Game Sports is offering a wide range of Winter sports programs, clinics, camps and leagues for all ages and abilities. From 3 to 15 year-olds, beginners to experts, kids can train with A-Game Sports' experienced coaches and instructors in baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, football, and basketball. The 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art A-Game Sports facility is also available for parties and rentals throughout the year.


Little Athletes Winter Programs: January 6th – April 2nd
Speed & Strength Training Programs: January 2nd – March 28th
Boys & Girls Lacrosee Winter Programs
: January 2nd – March 28th

Baseball Winter Programs: January 2nd – March 28th
Softball Winter Programs
: January 2nd – March 28th
Soccer Winter Programs:
January 2nd – March 28th

Flag Football Programs: January 2nd – March 28th
Basketball Winter Programs:
January 8th – March 26th
Field Hockey Winter Programs:
January 18th – March 29th
Dodgeeball Winter ProgramsJanuary 5th – March 23rd 

Bring your New Years Resolution Fitness Goals to A-Game Sports!

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Kings Travel Baseball Summer Team Tryouts

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Fastpitch Softball: 

The Fastpitch Softball Programs offer kids the opportunity to sharpen their softball skills in every aspect of the game. Our first-class instructors bring an uncommonly unique experience to the game and are sure to make your kids appreciate how much fun softball can be when learned the right way.


The Baseball Programs are sure to be a hit for kids of any age or skill level. Our first class instructors excel at breaking down the game, reinforcing fundamentals and instilling the single most important thing for anyone playing the game: confidence. Whether it’s working on a specific aspect of a players game, like hitting or fielding, or helping a kid learn to pitch effectively with minimal stress on his arm, A-GAME SPORTS has programs and instruction to meet any baseball need.


No one was born with a stick in their hand, but A-Game Sports” lacrosse programs will make players feel like they were. Our specialized instruction for both boys and girls will not only strengthen and refine each of the skills necessary to be an effective lacrosse player, but will also instill the self-confidence needed to be a great competitor on the field.  Whether your child is starting off with the game and needs to learn the basics or is a very experienced player who just needs work in a specific skill like face-offs, A-Game Sports has lacrosse training programs to meet any need. Our lacrosse instructors have unparalleled passion for the game and their enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge with your kids is what makes them highly effective teachers of the sport


The Soccer programs and instruction provide kids with a great opportunity to get better at the beautiful game. While kicking, dribbling, ball handling, receiving, defending and shooting are the skills that make the game unbelievably fun, it is physical conditioning that eventually differentiates the level of success among soccer players.  The combination of A-Game Sports’ skills-based soccer classes and supplementary or stand alone conditioning classes help keep the game fun for the players that train while giving them the necessary tools to stand above the competition on the field.  Whether your child is kicking a soccer ball for the first time or is preparing to tryout for the varsity school team, A-Game Sports has a training program that can help players move to the next level.

Strength & Conditioning: 

The Strength & Conditioning programs are designed to help kids, aspiring athletes and adult fitness enthusiasts improve their speed, strength, endurance and overall well being. From sport specific training programs that help athletes excel in their game of choice, to stand alone conditioning programs and personal training services, A-Game Sports' SCSA platform can help you with your physical achievement goals.

Little Athletes Academy: 

A-Game Sports’ creative recreational and sports programs for kids between the ages of 2 and 6 focus on introducing sports skills and concepts at an early age to not only develop fine and gross motor skills, but to provide an early introduction to key values such as honesty, teamwork, respect, fairness and adherence to rules and direction. In addition to the physical education benefits related to movement and balance that the programs provide, classes introduce great sports at the very basic level while incorporating fundamentals.


The Basketball programs at A-Game Sports allow kids to learn to play basketball in a safe and fun environment, developing all of the fundamental skills needed to play basketball well, both recreationally and at a higher competitive level. Players in the program, whether they are beginners or advanced, will be be trained in: speed, ball handling, defense, form, control, passing, angles, conditioning, footwork, explosiveness and most importantly, overall court awareness and intelligence.

Flag Football: 

The Flag Football program is for boys and girls! Players will go through a series of drills for both offense and defense, including quarterback, wide receiver, defensive back, and linebacker positions. Kids will spend the first half of each class learning and working on fundamental skills associated with the game of football (non-contact) in a safe and fun environment including receiving, passing, defending and route running. Scrimmage games will be played during the second half of each class, helping to reinforce what was learned during instruction.


Use the state-of-the-art sports facility and private rooms at A-Game Sports or have our coaches come to your house for the party! With A-Game Sports, you get your own coaches, rooms, favors, food and fun! Available activities include: wiffleball, kickball, soccer, dodgeball, races, tag, flag football, bounce house, inflatable obstacle course, and more! You can choose from a variety of packages and custom options to make your birthday party fit your specific wants and needs. Visit www.agamesports.net/birthday-parties for more information.


A-Game Sports’ multi-sport turfed fields, batting tunnels, batting cages, strength & conditioning area, private rooms for parties or other use, and wall for lacrosse are all available for rent. Rentals can be for one time use on a walk-in or appointment basis or be scheduled on a recurring basis based on availability. Visit www.agamesports.net/facility-rentals for more information.


In addition to being a great place for sports instruction, A-Game Sports offers kids and adults a place to play, have fun and relax. From tots programs during the day to dance classes and more at night, A-GAME SPORTS has a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

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