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Roslyn Academic Programs offers enrichment programs for school age children in mathematics, physics, chemistry, robotics, programming and engineering, languages, music, and art.

We also offer standardized test (ACT, SAT, etc.) and subject test preparation for high school students.

Why choose us? Professional mathematicians, scientists, and educators brought together their research and teaching experience to create the most effective cutting edge curriculum. Small class sizes. Programs tailored to your child’s individual abilities, learning styles, needs, and challenges. Friendly environment. Motivated classmates.

Advanced Academics of Roslyn

Creating the FUTURE.

Unlock your inner innovator through lessons in math, science, robotics, coding and more • Develop critical thinking skills, feed natural curiosity and be inspired by real world examples • Learn to utilize your knowledge, creativity, design thinking, communication, and artistic skills to bring your ideas to life • Open the door to the many possibilities and future careers.

Advanced Academics of Roslyn


*Computer Coding
*Visual Arts
*English Language Arts
*Russian Language

Homework Help and Private Tutoring


Advanced Academics of Roslyn

Advanced Academics of Roslyn

Enrichment Program for children under 6 years old

Advanced Academics of Roslyn

Advanced Academics of Roslyn

Ignite your child’s curiosity through hands on S.M.A.R.T play

We are proud to introduce progressive early childhood education filled with unique hands on S.M.A.R.T activities (Science, Math, Art and Technology) that also include a combination of music, movement and early literacy skills through stimulating sensory play to ensure whole body and brain development.

HAB - Abilities Battery Testing

We are proud to be the Highlands Certified Consultant Company and are happy to offer Highlands Ability Battery testing for students, adults, and leaders who wish to discover more about their natural abilities and the role they play in their careers, learning, decision making process, work roles and much more.

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