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Virtual Math Classes -

Virtual Math Classes   

Boostmatics offers quality, online math classes with a certified teacher for students in grades 3-5. Boostmatics classes are designed to help your child improve in math and become a confident mathematician. Every class is standardized-based, live, and engaging. Each math skill is offered multiple times to provide your child numerous opportunities to master it! It’s only $30 for a 50 minute class and easy to register—just find the grade, math skill, and sign up for the class. Best of all, there is a back-to-school promo right now. October classes are 20% off! Ends Oct. 31, 2021.

The Structure of Each Class -

The Structure of Each Class   

Through a Boostmatics class, common student mistakes will be addressed, and two or more strategies will be taught to get your child ahead. Lessons are structured to model a mathematical skill and provide both guided and independent practice. Your child will have the opportunity to put their knowledge to action and gain confidence, with additional teacher support as needed. Afterwards, the teacher will email you a copy of your child’s work and a detailed report on how your child did.

Private Tutoring -

Private Tutoring   

Boostmatics offers one-on-one math tutoring for children in grades 3-5. A comprehensive academic plan will be customized for your child based on a diagnostic assessment. Based on the diagnostic results, pre-tests and post-tests will be administered to track your child's progress, lessons will be personalized to target the skills your child needs help with, and you will be updated on your child's progress after each class. If you have any questions, please email hello@boostmatics.com.

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All Boostmatics classes focus on essential math skills for third, fourth, and fifth grade to boost your child’s math performance. Register for a Boostmatics class to get your child ahead, help them master a skill, or review skills they have already learned to boost their test scores.