Briarcliff Pediatric Dentistry

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The most amazing laser technology in our office has changed the way your children receive dental care. No more shots! No prolonged, high-pitched sounds and vibrations of the drill! Cavities can now be treated with such ease in no time. Treating tongue-ties and lip-ties with the laser have helped many moms who have difficulty with breastfeeding. We now have extended hours and accept most major insurance. Please call for a free consult.

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No more shots, drilling, bleeding, or stitches! Dr. Renuka Bijoor is a board-certified pediatric dentist who is a pioneer in pediatric laser dentistry, which is the gentlest way to fix cavities or release tongue- and lip-ties. A graduate of Columbia College of Dental Medicine, she currently teaches there on a part-time basis. She is also affiliated with Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, where she provides hospital dentistry to young children and children with special needs. Her practice, Briarcliff Pediatric Dentistry, offers unparalleled care for all patients ages infant-22 years.

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