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The Academic Advantage is taking registration for its Spring and Summer programs. We offer a wide range of services including prep courses for high school entrance exams, PSAT/SAT exams, and tutoring programs for grades 1?12 in all subjects. Our learning centers also provide free services paid for by the Department of Education for students who attend private schools and are entitled to additional tutoring services. The Academic Advantage is also a provider for SES services under the "No Child Left Behind" program.


Brienza’s Academic Advantage offers a wide variety of academic programs for students attending kindergarten through 12th grade. We specialize in reading and math tutoring along with TACHS, SHSAT, Regents, SAT and ACT preparation. Our programs provide students with the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge, enabling them to reach their full potential, gain motivation and confidence. Programs offered are: tutoring in all subjects, test preparation courses, Mandated Summer School programs, and SETSS (P-4) services to qualified students. Call our office to speak to one of our educational specialists.

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