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Chance To Dance


We truly believe that every child deserves a Chance To Dance.  Our goal is to provide your child with an excellent dance education emphasizing FUN in a supportive and nurturing environment promoting a lifetime of positive self esteem.  

Thank you for helping us achieve 20 years of excellent dance education emphasizing Fun!

For all our pre-school students we offer Ballet/Tap combo classes.  For our students in Kindergarten and 1st grade, we offer Ballet/Tap/intro to Jazz-HipHop combo classes.  Classes available for our 2nd – 4th graders are Ballet, Tap and Jazz-HipHop with hour and a half multi class options.  Our 4th grade and older students have the option to take Ballet, Tap, Jazz/HipHop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Technique, and Contemporary and are also eligible to join our community based Dance Team.   We also offer a boys only HipHop class.

Please do not hesitate to email Miss Jen if you would like assistance choosing the right class for you. 

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Chance To Dance

Why Choose Chance To Dance?
Are you looking for a fun based dance studio that will make your child feel welcome and at home? 
Do you appreciate a place where dancers of all shapes and sizes are not only accepted but embraced?
Would you enjoy a less rigid studio where dancers do not have to wear specific color dancewear or have specific hairstyles in class?
Are tasteful, age appropriate music, costumes, and choreography important to you?
Do you prefer an enjoyable no hassle recital experience?
Does your family have a busy schedule?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Chance To Dance is the studio for you! 

Unlike some dance studios, we have made the decision not to participate in high stress dance competitions equally allowing everyone to experience the joy of dancing. To ensure each dancer feels good about themselves, we focus on building confidence and positive self-esteem.  Our students dance with their own age group, and everyone is given an opportunity to be onstage in the front row regardless of ability. We embrace dancers of all shapes and sizes and encourage our dancers to express themselves.  Many lifelong friendships have been created at Chance To Dance.  We want every dancer to feel a part of our special dance family.   

We offer a family friendly recital held at a local high school with no lines for tickets.  Seating is general admission and the entire show is about two and a half hours long. We make the recital experience enjoyable for everyone from grandparents to our littlest dancers.  We feel it is valuable to have our younger dancers in the student section of the auditorium experiencing the show so they can be inspired by watching the older dancers perform.

Tasteful, age appropriate music, costumes and choreography are extremely important to us.  We choose modest costumes, and allow the dancers to vote on our top choices so they can be a part of the process. We take pride in making sure your child’s costume is recital ready so there is no sewing needed on your part. Costumes, including tights, recital t-shirts, and all necessary recital information are individually packaged for each dancer.  We want your recital experience to be as stress free as possible.

Class sizes are limited to ensure quality, and to provide each dancer with individual attention. We foster a nurturing environment so your child feels comfortable and safe enabling them to express themselves through dance.  Positive feedback and corrections are given in a gentle, loving way always with the goal of helping your child become the best dancer they can be.  

Tutus and skirts are fun!  Students are encouraged to express themselves, and can wear any color and any style dancewear to class.  We do not force dancers to wear their hair in a bun, but for everyone’s safety we ask your hair to be back away from your face.   

We understand how busy our students’ lives are so it is a priority for us to place your child in the best class both for them and for your schedule. Our class schedules are created based on our families’ scheduling needs.  We offer convenient, multiple classes on the same day. Siblings will be scheduled at the same time or back to back whenever possible. 

We distribute participation ribbons to all our dancers each year. Students can also be recognized with attendance, improvement, and achievement awards.   We think it is an essential life tool to teach patience and the importance of obtaining goals.  We love seeing the proud faces and looks of achievement when our dancers have earned 3, 5, 7, etc. year trophies in front of their family and friends.  

We truly believe everyone should have a Chance To Dance.

Chance To Dance

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