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Chess NYC 2.0

82 W. 3rd St.

New York , NY

866-321-Chess (2437)

Chess NYCChess NYC

The founders of Chess NYC wanted to create an environment where kids could actually believe Chess is exciting and how much fun it can be to learn and play, once you understand it. Chess is, as our logo says, “the most exciting game in the world without a ball.”

So they set to work finding people who had the same level of enthusiasm for chess as they did and paired that with the ability to connect with kids. “Let’s employ those chess crazies! We can give them an outlet for their skills and the opportunity to share their knowledge with willing students.”

When they started hiring “chess crazies” they also figured out they should hire “normal people” too, although that definition has yet to be discovered. ;) But regardless, along with the necessary GM’s, IM’s and Masters, they started hiring “normal” people. They include people who can get down on a kids level and explain the concepts, people who can understand and respond to something happening in a kids life, and people that the kids can relate to.

“Our Coaches represent something kids can achieve. They are someone a kid can strive to be. We have college students, face painters, theatre managers, engineers, teachers, and videographers to show our students that anyone can play chess. And to give them someone relatable to look up to.” Director, Michael Propper said.

And what we ended up with? The perfect pairing! We are clearly, Chess crazy and normal around here. Who would have thought?

After hiring the perfect pairing the Chess NYC founders realized there needed to be a prop(p)er introduction into chess that would interest kids. They created a set of videos that introduce the game and the pieces in a cartoon! “Kids are watching it thinking ‘this is fun’! They don’t even realize they are learning something while they are watching it.”

Kids have really responded and have shown incredible interest and willingness to learn chess...and it’s all, just the beginning!

Hours: 9AM - 9PM
Location: Multiple locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens!


Play N Go Meets

Tournament participation is an important part of a chess player's advancement and enjoyment of the game. Chess NYCPlay N Go Meets afford Players an opportunity to play with "like skilled" opponents in a structured tournament environment and prepare for major Events. These weekly Events are an experience that motivates improvement and creates even more focused students....and arrive at 11, home by 2!


Fun & Training Camps

Chess NYC's policy of "Chess Should be Fun" truly prevails for these cool days of Fun & Training Camp! From Chess Leaders to Grand Master, these Camps is sure to captivate, motivate and generate chess players. Each child will receive as much Chess time as they like while enjoying mind clearing fun, cooling and break opportunities.

After School and Curriculum Programs

From Absolute Beginners to Championship Programs...And Everything in between, Chess NYC boasts the very best tailored Programs for everyone! The Chess NYC philosophy is to emphasize the sport and fun of Chess...Providing engaging, accelerated instruction followed by supervised, spirited play, each student associates Chess with fun, and therefore larger numbers of them ultimately excel or at least become proficient in the great, significant, game of Chess...From there?... Excellence!

Private Lessons

Chess NYC offers a unique brand of quality of Chess Instruction for all levels, beginners to advanced. Chess NYC students range in ages from 4 – 104 and their chess needs range accordingly.

Chess NYCChess NYC


“They make chess fun for kids and have been both awesome and professional.” - Kerry B.

 “My kids love doing day camp at Chess NYC. It's not too intensely focused on only chess (they also play other games, play in the park, sometimes watch a movie, and do other fun kid activities), making it a good, laid-back environment for them. The staff and counselors are all wonderful - very caring and also very knowledgeable about chess!” - Kim J.

Chess NYC is the best place to learn and play Chess in NYC! My son has been attending Play & Go on Sundays for 2 years and to say that our experience has only been positive is an understatement.  Mike Propper takes the time to get to know all of his regular players & nurtures and encourages them. My son has grown in skill, confidence, and love of the game since he started attending PS. 183 on Sundays.  They are not in it for the money - some weeks I've had to chase them down to pay them! My son loves to spend Sundays at PS. 183 with Mike and the gang, it's our home away from home :-) This year we are planning on attending the Chess Nationals for the first time - thanks for the encouragement, Mike!” - Steven M.

“My son has been attending chess camp at Zinc for several years and he absolutely adores it. The ratio of chess to play time works very well for him and the open-almost-any-day-school-is-closed works very well for me. Highly recommended.” - CeCe S.


Meet the Director: Michael Propper

Chess NYC

The Father of 2 (great) boys. Coach Michael is former NYC School Board President, Competitive Basketball Player, and Coach, he discovered the game of Chess and immediately saw the need to create a more mainstream, inspirational and rewarding environment for play and teaching...and THAT...was the birth of Chess NYC. Coach Michael considers Chess the most exciting game in the World. But one must understand it to realize the magic! It's time that that fact is no longer a secret!!


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Let the "Camps" begin! $12 Bucks! Chess NYC realized that chess is one of those unique games that lends itself well to online play. In fact it actually provides a whole new element to it, and we believe, to some extent, it is the future of chess! Let's play!