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Dicker Reading Center of Westchester

75 Brook St.

Scarsdale, NY


Are you struggling with your child's reading problems? 

Achieve 3 to 6 years of reading improvement in one year!!!

• Your child will read better, fast with greater fluency and comprehension advancing one year

every 4-8 weeks

• One on One Tutoring for Kindergarten - 12th grade

• Below, At or Above Grade Level Students

• LD - ADD - ADHD - Dyslexia - Special Needs

• Grades, confidence and self esteem will soar as they learn to love reading and school

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Dicker Reading Method


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Our ongoing and summer revolutionary reading program will teach any child to read, even children diagnosed with a learning disability, dyslexia, ADD, or ADHD. Whether your child is reading above, below, or at grade level, they will accomplish three to six years of reading achievement in just one year.