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École (The)

111 E. 22nd St.

New York, NY

646-410-2238, for open houses 646-582-9941 Other Locations:

206 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY

The Ecole The Ecole The Ecole

The École, formerly École Internationale de New York, is an intimate and independent French-American N-8 school located in New York’s vibrant Flatiron District that cultivates an internationally-minded community of students. From maternelle to middle school, we artfully blend the best of the French and American educational systems, gifting our students with deep academic bi-literacy, whole-child skills and knowledge, and an optimistic, multi-cultural perspective. Through their illuminating journey, students grow more flexible and fluid, interested and interesting, persistent and positive. And always ready to shape and share their life’s successes, whatever the moment and wherever they go.

The École is fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education and affiliated with the Mission Laïque Française, a network representing 125 French international schools around the world. It is also affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools.

At The École, every member of our faculty is simultaneously a language teacher and a subject teacher, and our students learn French and English through teaching and studying in French and in English. The École also offers Mandarin in the core curriculum beginning in third grade and adds Spanish as an option starting in sixth grade.

Students at the École learn to speak, think, and cooperate in multiple languages while they work with a diverse group of teachers and classmates from all over the world, resulting in a rich academic experience. The daily After School Program offers a wide variety of extracurricular classes to explore the arts and athletics in four different languages.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018, at 8:15
Tuesday, November 27, 2018, at 8:15

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