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Kidz ABA and Family of Kidz -

Kidz ABA and Family of Kidz

Kidz ABA provides exceptional, insurance-based ABA services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We help both caregivers and children thrive by providing them with strategies to overcome challenging behaviors, develop new skills, and increase independence. Every child is unique, and we strive to provide a friendly, healthy approach to learning that allows everyone to reach their full potential. Serving children all across Long Island and Queens, NY.

Insurance Accepted: -

Insurance Accepted:

Accepting most major insurance plans. To check on your specific insurance coverage plan, click the Apply Today button below or call us at (516) 806-6969.


Activities -


We teach individuals the critical skills needed in order to thrive, including Increasing Social-Communication Skills, Hygiene, Managing Challenging Behaviors, Time Management, Daily Living Skills, Taking Care of Personal Needs, Bedtime Routines, Toilet Training, Focus and Attending, Cooking, Coping Skills, and more.

Best-of-the-Best Team

Extensively trained, and closely supervised, certified behavior technicians and licensed behavior analysts.


Prioritizing input from all team members (parent, therapist, supervisor, and child) throughout the program. Families are instrumental to each child's success.

Flexible Treatment Options

Taking a fresh approach to every family. Each variable within a family is taken into consideration. Making progress together.

Apply today -

Apply today

Apply now by visiting: Our licensed professionals are available to address any of your questions, concerns, and your family's needs.

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Kidz ABA provides insurance-based ABA services to children of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We help both caregivers and children to thrive by providing them with strategies to overcome challenging behaviors, increase independence, and develop new skills. Our locations are across Long Island and Queens.