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Athletics -


Team Sports: Every major sport is played at Gate Hill. Our talented sports instructors are supported by an impressive range of facilities for every age.

⦁    Baseball
⦁    Softball
⦁    Basketball
⦁    Soccer
⦁    Hockey
⦁    Tennis
⦁    Volleyball
⦁    Flag Football
⦁    All Sports Leagues
⦁    Team Camp Games 

Games and Disciplines: Highlights include our soft and spacious Gymnastics pavilion, martial arts dojo and 5 professional Gaga pits.

⦁    Martial Arts
⦁    Gymnastics
⦁    Gaga
⦁    Street Games
⦁    International Games

Jr Sports: Our youngest campers have athletics activities organized by a dedicated team on several purpose-built facilities. Motor skill development and sportsmanship are emphasized with compassionate fun and age-appropriate games.


Creative and Performing Arts -

Creative and Performing Arts

Performing Arts: Campers will experience a range of performing arts, from music to drama at our outdoor theatre.
⦁    Music games
⦁    Drumming
⦁    Singing
⦁    Guitar
⦁    Two 4 weeklong theatre production electives a summer
⦁    Improvisational games
⦁    Scene studies

Creative Arts: inspiring projects in a range of media. From kiln fired ceramics projects to digital photography in our media lab.
⦁    Tie Dye
⦁    Camp Crafts
⦁    Lanyard
⦁    Jewelry
⦁    Painting
⦁    Decoupage
⦁    Ceramics
⦁    Digital Photography
⦁    Nature art
⦁    Video media
⦁    Build-it
⦁    Cooking

Early Childhood Arts: Our Early Childhood arts team builds self-esteem and motor skills with creative projects and experience on stage for campers up to entering 1st grade.

Outdoor and Adventure -

Outdoor and Adventure

Climbing and ropes: 
⦁    Jr zipline
⦁    45ft rock climbing tower
⦁    Vertical playpen climbing challenge
⦁    Twin 300ft ziplines over our lake
⦁    Senior & Jr Treetop adventure course

Nature: Our 33 acre wooded facility provides a perfect setting for our diverse nature program.
Nature cabin with fish, reptiles, small animals, and invertebrates
⦁    Wooded hiking trails
⦁    Vegetable and herb garden
⦁    Mini farm with goats, chickens, rabbits and more
⦁    Lake for fishing and ecology studies

⦁    4 “bull’s eyes”= “Bowmaster”

Imaginative play: 
⦁    Treehouse Playground
⦁    Early childhood playground
⦁    “The Village” play town with themed playhouses
⦁    Block island building blocks

⦁    Scooters
⦁    Electric Jr Go-Karts
⦁    Gas Go-Karts

Waterfront -


Waterfront: Our impressive 4 pool aquatics complex features our towering super slides, diving board, and shallow learning pool.
⦁    Comprehensive Swimming instruction
⦁    Water slides
⦁    Water basketball
⦁    Diving
⦁    Splash Park
⦁    Boating

Optional Services, Additional Programs, and other information -

Optional Services, Additional Programs, and other information

EARLY AND AFTER CAMP CARE (All-inclusive optional service) 
Gate Hill offers flexible care before and after camp. Campers arriving as early as 7:45am join our dedicated staff for a choice of breakfast options. After camp care continues until 6:00pm with activates and light snack. 

EXPLORERS: (All-inclusive optional program) 
⦁    S.T.E.M & Arts based Program (Campers entering 3rd-9th Grade)

SPARKS: (Optional program for a fee)
⦁    Personalized weekly tutorial program 

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: (Optional service for a fee)
⦁    Serving Orange, Rockland and Bergen counties, Manhattan and Westchester

⦁    Daily hot lunch 
⦁    Towel service
⦁    Bathing suit cleaning
⦁    Provide backpack & more!

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