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What Sets Us Apart?

We are a New York State Board of Regents accredited bilingual after-school language program in Greater New York.

Our students complete our program by taking the following exams:

The New York State FLAC exam (equivalent to 3-years of High School German), which offers 3 high school credits

A2 or B1 level exams that are recognized in Germany

AP German, an exam that is recognized by colleges in the USA

We offer a thorough, accredited program for a language that many public and private schools don’t offer, in a warm, diverse, multicultural and nourishing atmosphere. We create a definite curriculum for each class — including quizzes, tests, end-of-trimester and final exams — which helps us maintain academic credibility. Homework is assigned in all classes, except Playgroup and Kindergarten.

We work with a native German speaking staff of experienced full- and part-time faculty. Our teachers have been with us for many years and are fully vetted.

What Do We Offer?

Our program attracts children ages 4 to 15. Some of our students are of German heritage, others have no German background. No previous German is necessary. We offer Playgroups for 4-5-year-olds as well as classes for children K through 8th grade. Parents select our school because they believe that nurturing ones heritage or learning a second or third foreign language benefits their child’s development and can be useful later — in college and professionally. We offer your child a head start in mastering a foreign language with classes that progress continuously and maintain a defined academic standard.

We teach German as a foreign language: Teachers will speak English in class when necessary and explanations are given in English, especially in the lower grades. In the upper grades, English is phased out in favor of German.

We offer classes in four locations: Manhattan, Ridgewood (Queens), Garden City and Franklin Square (Long Island).

Our classes meet once a week for 1 hour and 45 minutes in the afternoon on varying days: In Manhattan on Mondays, in Garden City on Tuesdays, in Ridgewood on Thursdays and in Franklin Square on Fridays.

Classes start the 3rd week in September. View the 2017-2018 school calendar here.

German American School German American School German American School

Our School’s History

In the late 19th century, the school’s students came from German immigrant community and its main purpose was to teach German literature, history, and culture (in German) to the children of German immigrants.

The German-American-School was incorporated in 1911 by the Regents of the University of the State of New York. Therefore, our German-language program is recognized by NY State and the language program of German-American-School is designed to lead the students toward successful completion of the New York State Three-Year Comprehensive Regents Exam in German. Our students take the exam at the conclusion of our program (after eight years). Once the Regents Exam is passed, the student can be awarded three language credits from their respective high school. 

Available Classes & Curriculum

Playgroup (ages 4-5)
Basic alphabet, songs, drawing, crafts

Kindergarten (ages 5-6)
Continuation of above, printing and basic phrases

Vorschule I and II (ages 6-8)
Play learning, drawing, singing and basic printing

1st grade (ages 8-9)
Repetition and auditory learning. Printing, reading and pronunciation are stressed.

2nd grade (age 9)
Continuation of 1st grade. Vocabulary acquisition and basic grammar.

3rd grade (age 10)
Continuation of 2nd grade. Reading, speaking, listening and writing.

4th grade (age 11)
Begin paragraph writing, reading of texts, retelling stories and grammar.

5th grade (age 12)
Continuation of 4th grade. Vocabulary acquisition, grammar and writing.

6th grade (age 13)
Continuation of 5th grade. Geography, German culture and conversation.

7th grade (age 14)
Report giving, grammar, culture, history, short stories and conversation.

8th grade (age 15)
Review of grammar, conversation, paragraph writing and exam preparations: A2 level exam and NY FLAC exam.

Mandatory Exams

After 8th grade, we offer Advanced Placement German preparation. Students, whose scores are high enough, can receive college credit.

Our program ends after 10 years with the following mandatory exams:

AATG level 3 or 4, REX (Regents Equivalency Exam for credit in public High Schools).

REX (Regents Equivalency Exam)

Optional Exams

“Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache” (administered under the auspices of Deutsche Haus at NYU, Manhattan)

Advanced Placement German (possibility of receiving college credits if the grade is level 4 or 5).

For children, who speak German at home and are fluent in German, we recommend “Deutsches Sprach Diplom” I or II. 

German American School

Our German language program is recognized by The NY State Board of Regents and is designed to lead students toward successful completion of the NY State FLAC exam. Our students take the exam at the conclusion of an eight-year program. Once the exam is passed, the student can be awarded three language credits from their high school. The focus of our school is to teach the German language to children from all backgrounds–our school attracts education-oriented parents who believe that studying a second or third language can benefit their child. We also offer AP German and other nationally recognized exams.

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