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Great Play Syosset


Our mission is for every child to develop a love of physical activity that will lead to an active, healthy and confident life. Starting with our Great Start program (ages 6 months – 3.5 years) is the perfect first step. Through a specially designed program of "directed play," children build confidence, self-esteem and social skills as they build a strong physical foundation. Making them ready for our Preschooler Programs (ages 3.5 - 5.5 years).  Through games and instruction, preschoolers continue to develop fundamental motor skills - as well as introductory sport skills, coordination and agility.  Giving them all they need to progress into our School Aged programs (ages 4.5 - 10 years).  School Aged programs offer a full range of fun programs that are ideal for helping any child get off to a great start athletically, whether they aspire to play competitive sports or not. No matter how your child feels our personalized attention will help them thrive.  With our small intimate setting, our patented interactive technology, our unique curriculum that turns practice into play, and our highly trained coaches, we provide the perfect setting for kids to develop the skills that will start the ball rolling to lifelong success.

Great Play Syosset Great Play Syosset

Birthday Party:

Our award-winning, high-energy parties are truly spectacular events, and we make your child the star of the show! Your guests will have a blast and your child will receive All-Star treatment in our amazing Interactive Gym™.  We offer customized parties for ages 1-10 and you start by picking 1 of our 6 great themes. Then you work with our party planner to customize the rest based on the interests of the party star. Younger parties unfold as stories, with the projectors helping to transport us to imaginary play areas, the cameras catching all of the fun on the big screen and Buddy, our mascot, even joining us for our unique version of hide-and-seek. For older parties, Players enter the Arena as though they are entering a stadium as the starting lineup in an All-Star game! The lights come down, music comes up, and the camera starts rolling showing each Player's entrance up on the giant scoreboard. The crowd even goes wild when the MVP of the event finally enters! And that's just to start things up! Then depending on the interests of the party star, there are a wide variety of activities, including our interactive walls, and much more! 

Great Play Syosset Great Play Syosset


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Our mission is for every child to develop a love of physical activity that will lead to an active, healthy, and confident life. Starting with our Great Start program (6 months-3 years). Through "directed play" children build confidence, self-esteem, and social skills, with a strong physical foundation.