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New Highland Elementary School (The)

193-10 Peck Ave.

Fresh Meadows, NY

Highland School

At Highland, we offer small classes with warm and caring teachers and a family-oriented atmosphere that creates a supportive environment for students Kindergarten-Grade 8. Strong programs in foreign language, physical education, art, music and drama complement the core curriculum in all grades. The facility has air-conditioned classrooms, a computer laboratory, full gymnasium and outdoor playing fields. Early morning drop offs, afterschool care and activities, holiday and vacation programs available.

The Highland Elementary School curriculum stresses the development of fundamental knowledge and skills in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Students gain sound study skills, good work habits and an appreciation of learning.

The Highland Elementary School established in 1949 is chartered by the New York State Department of Education and licensed by the New York City Board of Health.

A Highland education presents  abundant opportunities for enrichment. A strong program in art, music, and computer education  complements the basic curriculum.  Additionally, students work both individually and in groups in subjects such as American Government, Current events, Children’s literature, and  Creative writing.

Highland Elementary School’s  Computer Laboratory encourages students to learn about and use this stimulating tool. The computer program challenges the intellect of advanced students while providing the remedial  assistance to those whose skills need improvement. 

Highland School Highland School

A Warm, Supportive Environment

Highland creates a supportive environment in which its students thrive. Classes are purposefully kept small with an average of 15 students.  Highland’s outstanding instructors quickly learn each pupil’s strengths and weaknesses; where they excel and where they need help.

The intimate  size also enables the Directors and faculty to work together in each student’s interest – sharing ideas, solving common problems and developing individual learning strategies.

Middle School

The Middle School, grades  five through eight, continues the emphasis on strengthening the basics and adds laboratory science and a foreign language. The Middle School is departmentalized since subject expertise becomes a priority as the student body matures. 

Physical Development

At Highland, individual growth requires both intellectual and physical development. Supervised athletics and play programs are an integral part  of the curriculum. There is a full indoor gymnasium and a lovely park and ball field directly across the street all of which are used under faculty supervision for physical education classes and recreation periods.

A wide range of extracurricular play and athletic activities are available at all grade levels. Through these, students learn to enjoy the interaction of team work and develop the sense of Highland pride that comes with achievement.

Highland School Highland School

For the Working Parent: A Full Day Program 

To accommodate our parents. Students can come to school as early as 7 am for supervised play before classes begin at 8:20 a.m.

A special program is offered for children who need to remain at school until 6pm. Students enjoy a combination of recreational games, sports, and crafts instruction, supervised study and homework guidance.

For those parent who must work during student vacations, Highland offers a special weekday activities program during holiday periods.

The Highland Tradition

The Highland Elementary School facility includes  well equipped attractive classrooms. Library, science laboratory, art studio, and full gymnasium.

The heart and soul of the school, though, is more than the bricks and mortar. Differences between schools are rooted in the philosophy of education and the relationship between those who teach and those who come to learn.

There is a choice between the public school system, with a few good schools but many political and budgetary problems, and a carefully chosen private school that has proven its ability to excite, motivate and challenge students to achieve their fullest potential. The Highland tradition of private education is dynamic, sensitive to the needs of the individual student, and realistic enough to prepare for the educational career challenges that lie ahead. 

Highland School Highland School


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