Johnson, Dr. William R.
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  • Advance Chiropractic, PC
    Holistic Allergy Center
    221 S. Middletown Road, Nanuet

  • 845-623-0026
  • Categories: Alternative Medicine
If your child suffers from allergies, scoliosis, headaches, weight issues, ADHD, and/or immune system problems, call for a free consultation to find out if you’re a candidate for our incredibly successful 21st-Century Bax 3000 cold laser therapy. We use a safe, non-drug approach that combines cold laser, nutrition, and chiropractic, to help greatly reduce or eliminate allergies and many other conditions. Watch our allergy video testimonials!

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Dr. William Johnson has over ten years experience providing chiropractic, nutrition, and pediatric laser allergy elimination care. He specializes in sports injuries, scoliosis, ear infections, ADHD, and stress relief. He lectures on how to "Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well" for parents, and writes a weekly article for the Rockland Review newspaper. His BAX 3000 laser technology helps eliminate food, animal, chemical, and environmental sensitivities (peanut, milk, dust, cat, latex, etc.). Watch success stories on his website.

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