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Welcome to the Larchmont Music Academy

Our goal is to provide the highest standard of quality and excellence in music education. Music should be an integral part of every life and accessible to all ages and levels of proficiency. As each student masters the skills and discipline of their chosen instruments, he or she will also gain confidence, poise, and a sense of accomplishment that will pervade all aspects of their lives.


Each Kindermusik class is a world of discovery and adventure. In every class, you'll witness your child's developmental evolution in language skills, literacy, listening, problem solving, social skills, self-esteem, and musicality. And it happens within a nurturing environment full of energy, imagination, music, dancing, and playful delight.

Kindermusik provides the time and tools to help bring the power of music into your home and your child's life forever. An integral part of every Kindermusik program, your Kindermusik At-Home Materials include the highest-quality music CDs, creative activities, beautifully illustrated children's books, and specially designed instruments created to complement the music and Kindermusik classroom experience.


By adding new concepts and challenges along the way, each age-appropriate program acts as a stepping stone to the next—paving the way to a musical journey that can last seven magnificent, musical years.

Watch the video above to learn more about our Kindermusik classes!

  • Ages: 4 months–18 months
  • 45 minute classes, with parent or caregiver
  • Once a week for 15 weeks
  • 4 non-sequential semesters

Kindermusik Village invites you and your baby to be a part of a very special music class created to stimulate Baby’s total development and nurture the remarkable bond the two of you share. Connect with your baby and with other parents as you experience together what the latest brain research confirms: purposeful musical activities stimulate the cognitive, emotional, language, social, and physical development that all begin in the very first days of your baby’s life. Each week we will dance, explore instruments, share songs and chants, and celebrate together all of the magical milestones that are a part of Baby’s first 18 months. Lap babies, crawlers, and walkers are all welcome!

Larchmont Music Academy

Benefits for Your Child and You

  • Educates you about your baby's total development through Kindermusik Foundations of Learning—statements based on the most recent research.
  • Encourages joyful participation in a music making community.
  • Nurtures bonding between you and your child through intentional touch warm-ups, exercises, interactive dances and musical play.
  • Provides natural connections between singing and reading out loud, listening and communicating through literature books.

Enjoy the Journey All Week Long

Kindermusik is much more than a weekly class. Your At Home materials you receive from your educator are just the tools you need to continue that one-of-a-kind experience together as a family. While we plant the seeds of learning through music in the classroom, you will use the At Home materials at home to cultivate lifelong learning.

Family involvement in your child's learning is a fundamental cornerstone of the Kindermusik philosophy because we believe the parent is the child’s most important teacher and the home is the most important place for a child’s learning to take root and grow. After all, there’s no better way to nurture your child’s development—and you’ll love doing it together—every day!

Larchmont Music Academy

Music Lessons, Ensembles and Classes

We give our students access to the wide world of music — from private music lessons to ensemble playing, Mozart to Metallica, there is a program here for any child or adult who is interested in music. 

Private Instruction

Larchmont Music Academy offers private music lessons in all instruments for beginning through advanced students. Lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute lengths, depending on age and proficiency level. There are approximately 18 lessons per semester, two semesters per year, and a summer session. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in our ensembles and theory classes.

Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program

Larchmont Music Academy has been invited to be a Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program Founding School. The Academy supports outstanding student growth and achievement by participation in The Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program. The Achievement Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels in all instruments and voice. The Achievement Program inspires excellence through individual student assessments and allows students to celebrate accomplishment and track their progress with others across the country. Learn more about this program online at or contact the Academy. This is an exciting opportunity for students to enhance their learning and pursue excellence at all levels.

Chamber Music and Ensembles

Students are encouraged to experience the joy of playing music with their peers. The Academy offers wind ensembles, string ensembles and jazz ensembles. Students of like ability and proficiency level are free to explore the exciting world of chamber music coached by our faculty members.

Flute and String Choir

The Academy Choirs are unique opportunities for students of all ages and levels to perform together. The music is fun and offers a challenge for each student. They rehearse on Saturday mornings and perform each year throughout the community and at Carnegie Hall.

Theory and Composition Classes

These classes introduce students to elements of ear-training, solfege, sightsinging, dictation, composition and improvisation. Classes will be interactive, fun and are held in our computer lab. Classes are scheduled by appointment and are grouped according to level. Private AP Music Theory lessons are offered to prepare students for the AP Music Theory exams. LMA students routinely score 4 and 5 (a perfect score) on these exams.

Larchmont Music Academy

Academy Master Class Series

With the Academy Master class Series, world class artists are invited to the academy to conduct monthly master classes for our students. Watching and working with some of the world’s master performers is truly inspiring. Students may sign up to attend a master class or audition to participate. Each master class will be followed by a performance in the community.

Academy Honors Program - Pre-college prep program

Students may be nominated by their teacher to join the prestigious Academy Honors Program. This program is a complete pre-college musical education including private music lessons, ensemble participation - both large and small groups, music theory - AP music preparation, master class participation, performance requirements, guaranteed nomination to audition for the Carnegie Hall Student Concert, end of semester evaluations, audition preparation, and college application assistance and recordings.

Please contact the Academy for instrument specific requirements for this program and for more information. 

Larchmont Music Academy

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