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The Law Offices of Susan J. Deedy & Associates is a well known law practice serving parents of children with disabilities in Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and New York counties since 2003. It is important that parents feel comfortable in communicating with us regularly throughout the entire process of ensuring that appropriate educational services and programs are provided to their child. We assist parents through this process, which begins with a comprehensive assessment of the student’s legal entitlements and options, followed by a detailed outline and strategy on how appropriate educational services and programming will be obtained.  We are proud of our successful record of representing parents in litigation against their school district.    However, our goal continues to be resolving cases in favor of clients without the need for litigation and to that end, we are have developed solid relationships with school districts over the many years of service.  This is our passion and we are committed to ensuring that children with disabilities receive the uniquely tailored educational services to meet their individualized and changing needs.




Litigation at Due Process Hearings:  In issues where disputes between the parties cannot be resolved,   Susan and her firm litigates on behalf of parents in highly specialized proceedings. The firm has won large awards of tuition reimbursement for parent's private school day and residential school placements; compensatory education for past years of services not provided by the school district; and awards of reimbursement for parents' privately paid services.  In addition, the firm has recovered large sums attorney fees for parents as the prevailing party in litigation.

Consultation services: Susan and her firm provide consultation to parents who need guidance in understanding what supports, services, modifications and accommodations are available to their child and how to navigate through the Committee on Special Education process.

Appearance at CSE meetings:  Susan and her firm appear at CSE meetings on behalf of parents where important decisions are made about their child.   This process often includes lengthy discussions about baseline and functional data as well as the student's school performance.  These issues are discussed by a large group of individuals, some of whom do not always know the student personally.   Our demeanor at these CSE meeting need not be adversarial yet we are proud of our longstanding record of successful outcomes.

Disciplinary Matters:   The firm assesses and represents parents of students who have been suspended or are accused of violating the School Disciplinary Code.  We appear at Superintendent's Hearings on behalf of the student.




Our firm provides the personalized relationship that parents are looking for when addressing the educational entitlements of their child with special needs. We ensure that every client receives the time they need from the inception of their case until full resolution. Susan develops an individual relationship with each parent and often the child. Her previous experience of working for school districts enhances her knowledge of the district’s posture when negotiating with adversaries.  Susan's depth and breadth of experience in the field of education law allows her clients to feel fully confident that their case is in good hands.

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The Law Offices of Susan J. Deedy and Associates has been representing parents of students with disabilities since 2003. We are proud of our longstanding record of reaching successful resolutions to disputes between parents and school districts. Our representation provides a personalized approach to ensuring that the desired outcome is achieved.