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The Learnatory Summer Camp 2018

Learnatory Learnatory


The Learnatory Summer Camp is the fast track to developing kids for 21st century success! 

Academic growth, personal development, and professional preparation are all rolled in to one fun-filled summer of excitement at The Learnatory!  From Math to Music, Reading to Robotics, summertime becomes a memorable experience for youth and teens ages 7 to 15 as they explore new things, make new friends, and keep their minds sharp.  Your child could kick-start a pathway to success with over 30 innovative courses that are so much fun, they won’t even notice they’re learning!   The Learnatory at St. Francis College, 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY., 347-787-0435

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Academic Enrichment

For one hour each morning, campers receive personal tutoring in Math or Reading based upon results of administered Diagnostic Assessments.  Each camper also receives a Multiple Intelligence Assessment to identify their personal learning style used by out instructors during the tutoring sessions.  This information also helps campers identify their own learning styles and develop strategies for academic success.

Game Design & Animation

Campers learn college-level skills made simple enough for a 1st-grader to understand and apply!   By designing and creating their own Xbox games – that really work on the Xbox - they gain lifelong coding skills.  Classes in both 2-D and 3-D Animation are offered along with Motion Graphics and Special Effects where they produce visuals using the same techniques as professionals use in commercial and movies.  

So Good Science

Culinary Science is a tasty course led by a professional Chef with formal training in Nutritional Science.  Edible Science and The Chemistry of Making Candy are led by two Science instructors who love making science delicious!  Exploring the role of living yeast as they make pizza, making Sprite using their own formulas, and making different candies from chocolates to gummy bears are just some of the yummy activities students will create in these fun, food-filled courses!

Spa Science classes engage campers in making their own body lotions, bubble, baths and salts, lip balms, nail polish, and fragrances, among other products in this multi-billion dollar industry.  They then create their own Logo Designs for personally created line of beauty products.

STEAM and Robotics

Activities such as Rockin’ Robotics, Robotics and the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality:  Flight & Aviation, Web & App Development, Video Production for YouTube Channels are just some of the activities that will engage students as they explore coding, Virtual Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Media.  Each student builds, programs, and takes home their own robot!


Five (5) different coding languages are taught in thru Game Design, Animation, Web and App Development classes including SCRATCH, JavaSript, Python, HTML and C++.From creating their own video games to designing their own jet fighters using their very own Virtual Reality goggles, campers step in to the world of high tech exploring new horizons with 21st learning tools!

The Arts – Music, Voice, & Dance

During recreation periods of sports, including basketball, soccer, and games, campers can engage in instrumental music with drums and bongos, join the Learnatory Chorus led by a professional, international singer, or jump in the dance activities of Step, Stomp, and Hip Hop headed by a professional dancer.

Group Voice Lessons and Performance by The Learnatory Chorus is headed by a local vocal powerhouse recently signed with a recording label and who is leaving for an international tour right after this camp!  She performs regularly at several NYC venues from King’s Theater to Lincoln Center.  She is also a professional singer and composer who currently gives vocal lessons for youth, teens, and adults.

Step, Stomp, and Hip Hop Dance is for campers from absolute beginners to experienced dancers and is taught by instructors with strong dance background and a love for their field! 

Learnatory Learnatory

Extended Hours

The Learnatory is open Monday thru Friday from 8 am – 6 pm.  8 am – 9 am and 5 pm – 6 pm extended hours are available for a nominal fee.  Home-style and catered lunches are available for an additional fee.  Student bring two snacks daily.

learnatory Learnatory


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From Ultimate Virtual Reality Game Design, aerospace engineering, to robotics and culinary arts, and entrepreneurship, The Learnatory STEAM Summer Camp 2020 fosters innovation, critical thinking, and creativity with outdoor recreation. Rising second through 10th graders get the perfect blend of learning and summertime fun! Discounts available for year-round enrichment.