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Lice Tamers

Nurse Owned, Mom Approved, 
Pediatrician Recommended


Can’t come to us? No worries!
We can come to you!

Treatments In Our Comfy Modern Salon With FREE Wi-Fi, Coffee & Snacks or In The Comfort Of Your Own Home. 

Lice Tamers

 Why Lice Tamers?

Lice Tamers is the Only Lice Treatment Center on Long Island Owned and Operated by a Licensed Medical Professional

We Have Successfully Treated 1,000's of Families

We Use Safe, Non-Toxic Products

Our Services are 100% Guaranteed

Our Salon is Conveniently Located in Melville

We Offer Both Salon and Home-Based Treatments

We Offer 2 Complimentary Rechecks

We Are Open Late Nights and Weekends

Lice Tamers

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Lice Tamers


Hello, my name is Melissa Levin. I'm a Registered Nurse and board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. I'm also a proud mom of 3. 

15 years ago I received the dreaded call from the director of my daughter's preschool telling me that my daughter had lice, and that she had NEVER SEEN SO MANY BUGS IN A CHILD'S HEAD IN HER LIFE! That's when I dropped the phone and began to cry.

I soon discovered that my entire family (including me) had lice! I scoured the internet for natural lice treatments, but found little useful information. 

It took me well over a month to get rid of it, and even after I thought it was gone, it came back again!

You don't need to go through what I can benefit from my experience. Lice Tamers can help you today.



Lice Tamers

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