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LiceXchange treats head lice exclusively in the privacy of your home-as inexpensively as possible. Experienced, conscientious, and kind staff will put your children at ease-applying all the tools of the trade-without the use of pesticides! We stand by all our work, as long as "active" cases with lice follow our protocol. Founder Debra L. Rosen, has been successfully caring for schools and camps throughout the tri-state region for more than 15 years, stressing "prevention" over treatment. LiceXchange, “Where an age-old problem gets the Royal Treatment."

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LiceXchange takes head lice management and treatment to a whole new level. Rapid response and customized service means youll never pay for more than you need. School nurses and camp directors depend on Debras caring, experienced staff to deliver preventative screenings that get results! Parents everywhere are spreading the word that LiceXchange costs less, but gives you more. Every treatment includes an array of organic and homeopathic products designed to maintain a clear scalp and repel head lice. Plus, a special gift for every child!