Little Friends Child Care & Preschool

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Little Friends is dedicated to building a loving, safe and positive learning environment.
Our Values

  • Promote development and creativity beginning in our Infant classroom
  • Create a balanced curriculum to develop children emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically
  • Provide a fun, team-oriented work environment in which all members contribute and collaborate
  • Develop lifelong relationships with our children and their families


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Infants!

We use a primary care giving model in our teaching and care giving, which means that you and your child have a primary teacher assigned to your family. This supports solid communication and bonding during your family's experience in the infant program.
Our classroom day reflects a balance of on-demand care and developmentally appropriate activities to support infant's development. The children's care schedules are maintained and in-between care of their basic needs, the children participate in floor-time, tummy time, cause & effect activities, visual and auditory stimulation, walks in our bye-bye buggy (on premises only) and of course, plenty of love and affection to support a strong sense of trust and confidence in our littlest friends.

Welcome to the Toddlers!

Toddlers are very adventurous and often fearless. They are entering a stage where they are very curious (Piaget called children at this stage of development "Little Scientists").
The Toddler is all about cause and effect and making things happen (i.e. "what will happen if I push this, pull this, etc...") They enjoy exploring objects to see what they will do and some of these things are not so fun for the grown-ups in their lives. Basically, it's the food-throwing, cup-spilling, shoe-removing, cell phone-stealing phase.
Toddlers are also entering the era of the "boo boo" as they are not as steady as they are curious and fearless. Their sense of body control and space is just beginning to emerge. This is all part of the process of developing body mastery. In other words, learning how to walk, run, jump, go over, go under, get in and get out. Very often, Toddlers will bump their little bodies and heads around during their activities and body mastery practice. Of course we work hard to create a safe play environment and space with plenty of supervision, but even then and at home too, you will undoubtedly be in for some of life's first boo boos as your Toddler learns how to move around their world.

Welcome to Terrific Twos!

The children in this class range from 19 months to 2.5 years old. The ratio is 4:1. Two classes of 8 children and two teachers are represented in our Terrific Twos program.
Our children are very curious and they are starting to develop social skills that will help them to form their first friendships. We encourage our children in these areas by participating in fun group activities like singing, story time and cooperative play activities. We support their budding language by using age appropriate phrases and by encouraging the children's use of the new words they are learning everyday.
We play outside everyday, twice a day (weather permitting) and we visit our multi-purpose classroom everyday to enjoy singing and dancing on stage and to use the dress-up area for dramatic play.

Welcome to Senior Twos!

The children in this class range from 2.5 to 3.0 years old. The ratio is 4:1. Two classes of 8 and two teachers are represented in our Senior Twos program.
We are so busy all day long. We make time for group singing, finger plays and stories to promote language development and cooperative play. Then we have art activities like painting, coloring, collage-making and special projects so we can flex our creative muscles.

We start science and exploration activities such as gardening and cooking; math activities like counting, sorting and patterning. We practice our small muscle skills by building with Lego's and links, lacing with beads and playing with puzzles.
Self help and good manners are practiced everyday. Children are given the opportunity to be "snack helper," which includes a trip to the kitchen to help prep and hand out snacks. Everyone helps with clean up after activities and snack/lunch periods.
Senior Twos is especially exciting. Toilet training becomes part of our curriculum. We approach toilet training is a very child-centered, supportive way by providing plenty of opportunities and reminders to visit the bathroom often. Children begin to learn how to remove their clothing or pull-up to use the bathroom. We celebrate success with singing, dancing and clapping. 

Welcome to Pre School!

The children in our classroom are from 2.9 to 3.5 years old. The ratio is 10:1, but we maintain a total class size of 16.
We are hard at work (and play), working on language development, early literacy, dramatic play, pre-math and pre-science activities. We also work on social skills, outdoor and indoor gross motor skills.
Cooking is a favorite activity and will appear most often in our lesson plans. We encourage home/school connection in this area by posting our recipe needs on the classroom door so children can bring in ingredients for our cooking activity.
We promote letter and number recognition, together with personal data knowledge (name/address/family member names). Children have opportunities for writing and dictation daily.
Children take responsibility for our classroom by participating in classroom jobs and clean-up. They learn important self-help skills each day like hand-washing, putting shoes and jackets on, and helping with snack/lunch time set up. Meal times are family style, which gives the opportunity for discussion and promotes both expressive and receptive language and vocabulary.

Welcome to Pre-K!

The children in this classroom range from 4 - 5 years old and are eligible for entry into Kindergarten in the Fall.
Our days are very busy. We spend our time doing pre-literacy activities like journaling, picture/story dictation, word recognition, reading and language exposure. We play word games and participate in large group discussion, including reporting on the weather, weekend news and show & tell. We work on matching and memory skills. There is also the opportunity for small group and one on one letter/number practice, plus fine motor skill practice and development important for writing skills.

We begin to participate in science activities including observation, experiments and documentation; math-based work such as number recognition, matching, estimating, counting, graphing, separating and simple addition and subtraction introduction.

We practice social and self-help skills including using our manners, making appropriate choices, establishing and following classroom rules and using communication to resolve conflicts and discuss feelings.

Our children are exposed to social studies using the globe, maps and other resources and stories about different geographical locations and cultures.

At this point we offer children the opportunity to do project based work based on individual interests and experiences.

And of course, there is no shortage of physical activity, with focus on large muscle development activities such as dancing, parachute play, exercising, bike riding, running and climbing.



Family-owned and -operated, Little Friends of Greenwich, run by Verna Esposito, offers child care and early childhood education for ages 6 weeks to 5 years. "We provide a safe, loving, and fun environment for children," Esposito says. "We follow the National Association for the Education of Young Children guidelines." Open Monday-Friday, 6:30am-6:30pm. Year-round rolling admissions. Ongoing summer programs.

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