Long Island Whole Child Academy

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Long Island Whole Child Academy


The Long Island Whole Child Academy, School for Twice Exceptional Learning

A nonprofit private school for students in the third through eighth grades who learn differently. Our goal is to harness each student's true potential through one to one instruction to deliver the education your child deserves, the way they learn best. 


LIWCA aims to create a unique learning environment for students who are highly capable academically and also contend with social cognition, executive functioning and sensory processing challenges, anxiety, ADHD, or dyslexia. These children often have high anxiety levels due to their incredibly developed curiosity about the world and often experience sensory overload.

Long Island Whole Child Academy

At WHOLE CHILD, learning differences are celebrated and given room to flourish. Friendships are built through mutual understanding, empathy and a commitment to finding solutions through collaboration and genuine regard for every member of our community. Our principles of inclusion drive enrollment while setting a standard of open dialogue and appreciation for all things physical, emotional, even spiritual.


Enrichment Series - New and creative activities for ages 8-15


This inclusive program is open to all students, gifted and Twice Exceptional students are welcome.
Homeschooler’s Tuesdays - Classes will be limited to 8 students per group.
Weekday morning & afternoon sessions
Saturday STEAM Weekend Classes

Long Island Whole Child Academy

FLIGHT TEAM: Simulation of aviation and flight as students become familiar with flying our professional-grade flight simulator.

MARTIAL ARTS FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Students use their bodies and sense of self through martial arts techniques developing self-confidence, self-respect, social cognition skills, physical/proprioceptive stimulation and muscle tone.

THE SCIENCE OF MAGIC: Learn the science behind magic tricks and even perform your own.                                                                   

MAKERS SPACE: Everyone learns best when rolling up sleeves and getting into a project with both hands! Join us for the love of creating, planning, digging, and building, using a variety of materials and tools.

READERS/WRITERS WORKSHOP: Geared to elicit creative and wondrous stories from even our most reluctant readers and writers.

SOCIAL THINKING FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE: This unique program is geared towards youth who have some experience in Social Thinking groups. This will provide opportunities to direct our students’ energy and social learning towards working with and helping others.

HORSE SENSE: Students begin to see the world through another perspective as they learn to care for horses. Hippotherapy has been used for social cognition, anxiety, ADHD and other challenges with great outcomes.


Summer 2018

Mentoring Scientific Minds Environmental Bootcamp

Long Island Whole Child Academy

Design, build, and pilot your very own ROV at our intensive summer program, Mentoring Scientific Minds

Mentoring Scientific Minds is an intensive environmental exploratory program for gifted and Twice Exceptional students grades 3-8, located in Melville in the heart of Long Island. Your child will conduct investigative research on topics including orienteering, primative technology and survival skills, oceanography, intertidal studies, marine forensics, ROV design, construction, and launch, and much more as they learn about the natural world around them. We will be exploring state parks including Caumsett, Caleb Smith, the Nissequogue River, Great South Bay, and the Long Island Sound.


This program is great for students interested in learning about the environment and scientific research in a fun and interactive way led by Brookhaven National Laboratory experts

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