Luchins, Michal, OD

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  • 12 N. Airmont Road, Suite 5,
    Suffern, NY
  • 845-369-3235
Is your child smart in everything but school? Does he or she have ADD or ADHD, read slowly, avoid reading, skip words/lines when reading, have frequent headaches, or is sleepy when reading? One in four children struggle with reading and learning because of hidden vision problems. Adults who use computers may suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. Evaluation and treatment of these vision problems are among the unique services we offer at our full-service eye care practice. For details, attend our free seminars or check our website.

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Dr. Luchins, Optometric Physician, specializes in Developmental Optometry and Vision Therapy. Her post-graduate work includes Special Education, Cognitive Psychology, Autism, ADHD, TBI and Pediatric Audiology. She is a member of the American Optometric Association and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, and is certified in Processing and Cognitive Enhancement. She runs the Family Vision and Learning Center in Suffern, specializing in the evaluation and treatment of hidden vision problems. These include Computer Vision Syndrome, headaches, lazy eye, increasing nearsightedness, dry eyes, dyslexia/reading and learning difficulties.

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