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Wanted: Young Makers ages 11 to 17 looking to hang out with like-minded individuals. With Maker Memberships our Makerspace is your Makerspace! Join us any or all days of the week, sit in on classes, learn how to use our equipment and create your own projects, all with the support from instructors!

Fall Enrollments Start Week of Sept 17th!



We are excited to take STEAM Enrichment to the next level in 2018 with a unique lineup of new interdisciplinary programs for ages 7-17!





Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (Ages 11-16) - Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is the perfect after-school program for the budding entrepreneur, leader, inventor and more! Taught by MacInspires Founder, Travis Sluss, learn how to change the world with a mix of important skills! During this program students will get hands on experience with:

Creating a Product or Service
Developing A Business Proposal
Community Speaking
Graphic Design & Building a Website
Finances, Budgeting & Excel
Advertising & Promotion

And More!

This enrollment is for curious students interested in business as well as kids already on their way to having a successful organization. 


SpaceX - It's Rocket Science (Ages 9-12) - In this exciting program students will explore the world of Rocket Science with a focus on SpaceX Rockets engineering, design, history and plans for the future. Through Kerbal Space Program, students will test, build and fly their own rockets, complete with a realistic physics! The SpaceX Mod will allow us to move from conventional rockets onto SpaceX Rockets, which are the first rockets able to come back from space for re-use. 3D Design and Printing will also be utilized to get a hands on idea of how these amazing machines and engineered and built. 


Girls Coding Club (Ages 10-14) - Empower young girls with a recipe for the future by introducing the languages of programming. First students will learn how to create stories and games in Scratch. We then move into more traditional languages like HTML, Java and Python! Coding allows girls to design a project and watch it come to life, developing an important skill that will help close the gender gap in the computer science industries. 


Sewing the future with Wearables (Ages 9-14) - Marrying tradition and technology, the art of sewing with technology driven designs! Wearable technology, or wearables, are clothing and accessories incorporating computer and electronic technologies, like light up sneakers or an activity tracker. Designs often incorporate working functions and features, but may also purely exist for fun or art! In this enrollments students will first learn how to sew, producing items by hand and with sewing machines. Then students create their own digital wearable to take home and enjoy! Make a scarf that changes colors, or a hat that tells the temperature! 


Python Coding (Ages 9-12) - Python is one of the most popular programming languages our right now. Python runs on almost anything! Windows, Mac, Linux, even an OLPC laptop or Raspberry Pi. Python is a powerful, expressive programming language that's easy to learn and fun to use.


Robots for Kids (Ages 7-9) - Robotics for beginners and beyond, this workshop features Ozobots, Cubelets and Dash & Dot Robots. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, English may be a global language, but it's more important to learn how to code! "This is a language that you can [use to] express yourself to 7 billion people in the world..." Learning coding through robotics is fun and interactive, an inspiring way to dive deeper into programming, computer logic and more! 


Product Design with 3D Printing
 (Ages 9-12) - In this enrollment students will learn how to solve a problem or need with a 3D printed product of their own design. Can't get that last bit of toothpaste out? Design and print a toothpaste squeezer! Have a radio controlled car with a broken plastic part? Let's recreate the missing piece! Creating products that will be used in real life applications requires proper planning, measurement, prototyping and testing, and learning from mistakes to make the product perfect. It's amazing for students to build on key STEM skills and experience the process of envisioning a product, designing and creating it, and then physically holding it in their hands weeks later! This enrollment is for both beginners and experienced 3D designers.


Creating Video Games (Ages 7-9) - Students will dive into video game design using the Scratch Coding Platform! Scratch is familiar to many students as it's used in schools nationwide. Scratch makes coding easier and more fun through programming with blocks of code! Without having to worry about exact syntax students are able to make amazingly imaginative and impressive games in no time!


Minecraft Adventures (Ages 7-9) - This is not your average Minecraft available at home. Students will get a taste of exploring new aspects of a custom built Education Minecraft, while also learning computer logic and programming! Students Code "Turtles" little minions that assist them with collecting and building, but only if coded correctly! Every increasing challenges and quests are bestowed upon the students, growing problem solving skills, patience and teamwork!


Become a YouTube Star (Ages 10-14) - Learn all the techniques important to becoming a YouTube Star - Conceptualizing content, story building, graphic design, audio and video production, unique content creation, YouTube management and much more! Study from the best, we have staff and friends who create amazing content! Experience fun video techniques like green screening, stop motion animation, computer effects and more! Learn the fundamentals of how YouTube works, enabling more followers and potential for income.


New Makerspace Membership 

Register your young maker, ages 12 to 17, to become a MacInspires Maker Member! Members are welcome to MacInspires Monday through Friday, every day from 3:30 to 5:45! Partake in classes, create a project and have time to complete homework all with help from MacInspires Instructors! With gained experience Members are allowed to use all of MacInspires' Maker Tools without instructor supervision. MacInspires Maker members are encouraged to create their own inspiring projects and are given the educational opportunity to assist in teaching and tweaking MacInspires Makerspace equipment.



MacInspires Summer STEAM Enrichment! 

Yup, our summer schedule is out, with an Early Bird Registration Discount! Featuring over twenty subjects for ages 6 to 16, a quarter of which are new for 2018, MacInspires Summer Enrichment turns inspiration into life-changing talents! Choose from 5 Summer Sessions, 9:30 to Noon, 1:00 to 3:30 or both. Students who register for both morning and afternoon have an hour for lunch at MacInspires provided by us! Summer Enrichment begins June 25th and ends August 24th. 

MacInspires Summer Enrichment is held at our Makerspaces complete with six activity zones - a Tinker Studio, Microcontroller Zone, Audio & Video Area, Fab Lab, Robotics Table and Computer Tables! Both Makerspaces have outdoor activity zones nearby for outdoor experiments and making! 

Click Here for More Info!


MacInspires Youth Group Classes & Workshops listed have a ratio of no more than six students per teacher. With the expansion of our makerspaces in both stores MacInspires has also expanded our Fall offerings! More exciting classes, new amazing subjects and additional scheduling options!
MacInspires teaches STEAM subjects to over 400 students a week. From coding and 3D printing to robotics and movie making and more, MacInspires is here to inspire your child’s curiosity and unlock their potential through technology and the tech arts.

MacInspires Larchmont & MacInspires Greenwich have the same schedules, starting the week of October 2nd, ending the week of December 4th:

 Mondays - 3D Printing Jr (Ages 7-9) or Lego Stop Motion (Ages 7-9)
Tuesdays - Intro to Robotics (8-12)
Wednesdays - Intro to Java (10-14) or Scratch Coding (9-13)
Thursdays - Python Programming (12-16) or 2D & 3D Animation (10-16)
Fridays - Instrument Playing Robots (14-17) or 3D Printing & Design (10-16)
Saturdays - 3D Printing Jr, Lego Stop Motion, Intro to Robotics, Intro to Java, Scratch Coding, 2D & 3D Animation, Python Programming, Instrument Playing Robots or 3D Printing & Design

 Click Here for Greenwich Schedule, Click Here for Larchmont Schedule

 Greenwich - 203.531.5720, Larchmont - 914.630.7338 




MacInspires parties are a wonderfully creative, collaborative and educational way to celebrate special moments like Birthdays! Parties feature fun STEAM activities such as 3D Design, Robotics, Coding and more. If you have a budding maker with specific hobbies, we can plan a party around your child’s interests! Email [email protected] to book! 


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Featuring more than 20 subjects for ages 6-16, MacInspires Summer STEAM turns inspiration into life-changing talents! Choose from 10 sessions, June 17-Aug. 23, morning 9:30am-12pm, afternoon 1-3:30pm, or full-day from 9:30am-3:30pm with lunch provided by MacInspires. MacInspires Summer Enrichment is held at our Makerspaces complete with six activity zones.